The Pentagon’s Latest Glorious Failure

By Peter Isackson

For centuries, the idea prevailed in our competitive civilization that when someone fails a fundamental qualifying test, it means they should return to their studies and keep a low profile until they felt ready to prove their capacity to pass the test. Someone who fails a driving test will be given a chance to come back a second or even third time. But most people...

FO° Live: Women Under the Taliban

By Fair Observer

In the 1990s, the Taliban closed the women's university in Afghanistan, forced nearly all women to quit their jobs and restricted their access to medical care. They also brutally enforced a restrictive dress code on women and limited their freedom of movement.

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Water World: Is Climate Change Driving Our Future Out to Sea?  

Water World: Is Climate Change Driving Our Future Out to Sea?  

By Anna Pivovarchuk

There is no question about it: Our planet is warming faster than ever before. Having plateaued around 280 parts per million for thousands of years, global CO2 emissions have shot past 400 ppm at the end of the last decade, an atmospheric rise set in motion by the 18th-century Industrial Revolution. Human...


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Austria is known as a stable Central European country that is the capital of classical music. It is also the home of prominent figures in the world of science and philosophy, including Sigmund Freud and Ludwig Wittgenstein. In 2014, Austria had the lowest unemployment rate in the European Union. That trend declined in the years that followed, but the economy remained largely competitive....

By Kourosh Ziabari & Heinz Fischer