The US Senate, the Filibuster and the 50-State Solution

By Larry Beck

Democracy seems to be in the eye of the beholder. There are not many places where a country's leadership stands up and shouts to the world that the country is a repressive dictatorship in which the rights of man are routinely trampled for the benefit of the few. Will Joe Manchin Remain a Democrat? READ MORE On the other hand, there are lots of places...

JFK Assassination: Biden’s Commitment to Keep Concealing the Truth

By Peter Isackson

Everyone understands that democracy requires access to the truth about how the government acts, in the past as well as the present. US President Joe Biden’s administration was under pressure to release, on October 26, the carefully hidden documents that his predecessor, Donald Trump, decided to keep under wraps in 2018 when he was pressured to open the archives. The White House has just released...

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Will Joe Manchin Remain a Democrat?

Will Joe Manchin Remain a Democrat?

By Christopher Schell

Americans typically like divided government and, on November 7, then-Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer gave them reason for that preference. Preceding a pair of run-off elections in Georgia that would decide whether Democrats would control the Senate in addition to the White House and the House of Representatives, he said:...


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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has waxed and waned for several decades. The roots of it stem far beyond the most recent clashes in May that once again brought death and disaster to the region. The question arises: How far back do we look for an explanation of the current violence? Do we start with the 1967 conflict that resulted in Israel occupying...

By Abul-Hasanat Siddique & Avi Shlaim