In the Hyperreal World of US Education, Art Must Be Innocuous

One of the deepest features of any culture concerns the general approach to problem-solving. Some cultures, before defining the actions intended to solve any complex problem, privilege the idea of engaging in research. Others prefer contradictory public debate. And many cultures rely on guidance from accepted traditions and spiritual authorities. This past week has shown two examples of how the most basic ingrained reflex to...

Climate Change: A Contrarian View

We are inundated these days with ominous news on the extent and pace of climate change and the associated predictions of the looming catastrophe it carries with it — the ubiquitous planetary cry of the next generation who will soon inherit the Earth. A rallying cry seemingly to “save human civilization.” But why? What are the redeeming qualities of human civilization that deserve “saving”? Why...


Who Can Beat Trump in 2020?

Who Can Beat Trump in 2020?

For Democrats, the issue of paramount importance is identifying the person best suited to defeating Trump in November 2020. The United States of America is facing a constitutional crisis of an unparalleled magnitude. The Founding Fathers of the nation wisely created the executive, judicial and legislative branches of government to...


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The Interview

Photography is the art of discovery and observation. It is about finding the unexpected in ordinary settings and capturing the beauty and wonders of life at specific moments in time. Giving new perspectives to what otherwise might be missed, or considered banal, is one of the missions of photography — of seeing and capturing emotion and all the details that fill our lives. To the...