Chaos Makes a Comeback in Southern Yemen

By Ali Mahmood

The six-year conflict in Yemen currently sees a stalemate in Mareb and mounting losses by pro-government forces elsewhere. This has led to the resurgence of chaos in the war-torn country, which threatens stability across liberated areas of the south. Houthi rebels based in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, have made advances against pro-government forces in al-Baydha province. They have also pushed southern forces, Salafi factions and...

For 20 Years in Afghanistan, Ignorance Was Bliss

By Peter Isackson

The war in Afghanistan is over, but the commentary on what it was all about and where it leaves us is just beginning. The events that have unfolded over the past few weeks have predictably generated a plethora of credible and less credible theses that continue to appear in every serious publication covering the news. As the autopsy of an entire epoch is being conducted...

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Why Texas’ Abortion Law Matters

Why Texas’ Abortion Law Matters

By Monica Weller

It has not yet been 50 years since women were able to open a bank account without a male cosigner or since Roe v. Wade was passed in 1973 ensuring women the right to safe and legal abortion. However, by refusing to halt the implementation of Texas’s anti-abortion law, Senate...


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The Interview

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has waxed and waned for several decades. The roots of it stem far beyond the most recent clashes in May that once again brought death and disaster to the region. The question arises: How far back do we look for an explanation of the current violence? Do we start with the 1967 conflict that resulted in Israel occupying...

By Abul-Hasanat Siddique & Avi Shlaim