Saving the World’s Rarest Bear

By Rejeanne Lacroix

Usually, the first images that spring to mind when at the mention of endangered ursine species are either of the formidable polar bear traversing the Arctic regions or the endearing panda clumsily munching on bamboo. With just around 40 remaining in the world, the Gobi bear is, in fact, rarer than these two conservation superstars but is rarely mentioned in discussions of animals at risk...

Afghanistan Is On the Verge of Disaster

By Sakhi Khalid

The upheaval in Afghanistan was undoubtedly one of the most shocking events of the year. It will likely have fatal consequences for the Afghan people, neighboring countries and the international community. The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is so devastating that it is impossible to predict the plight of civilians. What lies ahead for them is mass poverty, violent conflict and greater suffering. Reports indicate that...

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Who Can Resolve Ethiopia’s Catastrophic Conflict?

Who Can Resolve Ethiopia’s Catastrophic Conflict?

By Martin Plaut

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in Kenya on a mission that is critical to the future of the Horn of Africa. As the press release published at the start of the visit puts it, “the United States and Kenya are working together to address regional priorities, particularly ending...


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Twenty years have passed since the 9/11 attacks in the United States. It was in the immediate aftermath that US President George W. Bush declared his infamous “war on terror” and launched a cataclysmic campaign of occupation in both Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2001, a US-led coalition invaded Afghanistan to dismantle al-Qaeda and search for its leader, Osama bin Laden, who...

By Kholoud Khalifa & Anas Altikriti