Adam Schiff Rewrites Ukraine’s History

To help the American people understand the impeachable crimes of President Donald Trump as a seasoned practitioner of quid pro quos with Ukraine, Democratic Representative Adam Schiff offers a quick summary of the essential events that define the context of the crime. In a single sentence, Schiff clarifies the contrasting motives of the West and Russia with regard to Ukraine. Armed with Schiff’s vision of...

Me Too Movement: A History of Women Taking Charge

In 2006, long before hashtags, Tarana Burke began a grassroots “me too” movement to try and reach women and girl survivors of sexual assault, particularly women of color in low wealth communities. In 2017, actor Alyssa Milano used “me too” as a hashtag, and it went viral. While much has been written and discussed about the #MeToo phenomenon in the United States, where does it...

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The Case Against Cats and Babies

The Case Against Cats and Babies

Two years ago, my wife and I went to a dog “salon” in a small French town on the other side of Geneva. The puppies were adorable, but even more were the kittens one breeder was exhibiting together with his puppies. Taking advantage of my obvious immediate infatuation with the...


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The Interview

Making sense of US foreign policy under President Donald Trump is a daunting task. Since his inauguration in January 2017, Trump has made an array of decisions that have been nothing short of provocative, enraging US allies and adversaries alike. Trump’s critics believe he is barely cognizant of how diplomacy works and that his impulsive approach to foreign relations undermines US interests. Many prominent US...