Jeff Bezos to the Planet’s Rescue

Jeff Bezos has apparently realized that for his customers to retain the level of disposable income required to ensure their continued capacity to order goods from Amazon, their survival might be a critical factor. Not everyone can spend $165 million on a residence that will never suffer from a lack of water or be threatened by rising tides. For those who cannot, he has taken...

Pakistan Takes Cues From China to Clamp Down on Freedom of Expression

Sweeping new regulations restricting social media in Pakistan put freedom of expression and the media at the heart of the struggle to counter both civilizationalist and authoritarian aspects of an emerging new world order. The regulations, adopted without public debate, position US social media companies like Facebook and Twitter at the forefront of the struggle and raise the specter of China’s walled-off internet with its own...

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Foreign Fighters and the Global War for White Supremacy

Foreign Fighters and the Global War for White Supremacy

A 1975 article in British Patriot magazine tells the story of John Coey, a 24-year-old college graduate from Ohio who was killed fighting for the continuation of white supremacy in the unrecognized state of Rhodesia. A member of the National Socialist White People’s Party (previously American Nazi Party), Coey had...


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On the Index of Women Entrepreneurs, India ranks 52 out of 57 countries. In the Indian start-up scene, it’s rare to see a woman directing an enterprise. Bhavna Anand Sharma, founder of Cureveda, a dietary supplements company, is one of the few Indian women leading the charge in revolutionizing India's business world. Sharma has created Cureveda, which offers a range of...