Modi’s Kashmir Decision Is a Gamechanger

India has taken a decision on Jammu and Kashmir, putting the hotspot region back in the news. The recently re-elected Modi government scrapped the temporary special provisions for the Indian state and reorganized it as a Delhi-administrated territory. The move is a fundamental paradigm shift in India’s Kashmir policy. This historic decision completes the integration of India after more than 70 years since claiming independence from British...

A Demographic Threat to the Culture of Growth

Demographic experts increasingly agree that the extraordinary trend of population growth that took place over the past 200 years has already changed course. Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson, the authors of the book “Empty Planet,” suggest that a complete reversal of the trend may be at hand. Writing for Foreign Affairs, economist Zachary Karabell predicts that a declining global population will most likely lead to...


Boris Johnson: Bumbling Buffoon, Pied Piper or Churchillian Statesman?

Boris Johnson: Bumbling Buffoon, Pied Piper or Churchillian Statesman?

The history of England and indeed the United Kingdom can be summed up as a ding-dong battle between cavaliers and roundheads. Like Gordon Brown, Theresa May is a roundhead. Both are children of men of the church. They work hard, find it hard to delegate and are not exactly the...


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The Interview

In May, Narendra Modi was re-elected as the prime minister of India in a landslide victory. India’s foreign policy became a salient issue during these elections due to the regional tensions with Pakistan. Beyond its immediate regional priorities, the Modi government has explicitly articulated a new vision for India and its role in shaping the world order. Whether India, under Modi’s leadership, will rewrite its...