Morocco Sets Out a Post-Coronavirus Recovery Strategy

Jean AbiNader

Morocco is committed to finding opportunities to restructure and redirect its economy to be better prepared for other potential calamities, such as the coronavirus pandemic. The economy is already facing a downturn due to drought, which may result in as much as a 42% decline in cereal production for 2019-20. However, given advances in the agricultural sector over the past few years, overall agricultural GDP is not...

Media Match of the Century: Joe Rogan vs. The New York Times

Peter Isackson

Bari Weiss is one of those oddly uninteresting personalities that The New York Times loves to elevate to the status of a columnist because her opinions reflect a certain strain of not quite hip but sufficiently arrogant trendiness that The Times finds marketable to its readership. Weiss conforms to the newspaper’s ideal of a personality with superficially interesting but deeply unprovocative things to say that...

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Bringing Stranded Workers in Indian Cities Back to Their Villages

Bringing Stranded Workers in Indian Cities Back to Their Villages

Chittaranjan Kaul

In India, as the national lockdown was extended till May 3, it is incredible that the government failed to do what it should have done a month ago. Heart-rending images of stranded people in cities all over the country, desperately trying to make sense of the sudden loss of home,...


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Turkey Pushes Syria and Egypt Closer

The Interview

The 22nd FIFA World Cup in 2022 will be hosted by Qatar, meaning that for the first time in history the international association football bonanza will be held in the Arab world. Football aficionados are waiting to see how a Muslim-majority country that beat the United States as host will deliver on what is arguably the most watched sporting event in...

Kourosh Ziabari, Mohamed Abdallah & Yusuf Bicer