The US Bailout’s Undersized Oversight

The major political news in the US from last week concerned the coronavirus bailout bill eventually agreed by both parties and submitted for signing by President Donald Trump. One controversial part of the law focusing on helping businesses in distress drew the ire of Democrats, who worried that it could turn out to be Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin’s “slush fund.” Rather than addressing...

The G20 Needs to Show Leadership to Fight COVID-19

It is welcome news that the G20, representing the world’s biggest economies and 90% of global GDP, met via teleconference on March 26 to discuss the health and economic crisis caused by the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19. It has been obvious for several weeks that coordinated international action was needed. Given that the G20 was founded in order to deal with crises — particularly...

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The Art of Social Distancing According to Hannah Arendt

The Art of Social Distancing According to Hannah Arendt

It seems that on the highest levels, everything is going wrong. In the past few years, populism and authoritarianism have reared their ugly heads. The economy has just reached historic lows, and we are only beginning to reap the effects of a ruined environment. Suicide rates are climbing, refugee crises...


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The Interview

On January 28, US President Donald Trump unveiled his long-awaited peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which he hailed as the “deal of the century.” This is the latest attempt by the US to mediate between the Israelis and Palestinians and end the seven-decade-old dispute. The deal sparked outrage by the Palestinians but was praised by the Israelis. Even though the plan addresses...