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Events in the Middle East and North Africa are highly complex and fast-moving. Taking business decisions in such an environment requires high-quality information, a discerning news filter and expert analysis. Arab Digest is a private members club offering expert political analysis about the region. It is made up of a few hundred elite people worldwide, including decision-makers in business and politics, people in the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and other foreign ministries, as well as others in the media, the academic world, energy industry and more. To keep pace with events as they unfold, Arab Digest members receive a daily newsletter about the region containing a mix of material drawn from a very wide range of published sources, together with original input from the editor and Arab Digest’s high-level network. Arab Digest ltd a UK-registered limited company with offices in Egypt and the UK.
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Is the World Warming up to Syrian Leader Bashar al-Assad?

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad is now attending regional summits and has been welcomed back into the fold. It makes sense to invite him back because the Middle East and North Africa region faces unprecedented challenges due to climate change. The United Arab Emirates is hosting COP 28 and could take the lead on the issue. Continue Reading

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Scary Criminal Syndicates Now Run Libya: What Next?

Criminal political and military elites with mafia-style fiefdoms now rule Libya. They have entrenched themselves in the state apparatus and even in the UN-sponsored peace talks. Only bold initiatives by the international community can change the status quo. Continue Reading

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Saudi Arabia and Russia Have Now Teamed Up in OPEC+

Saudi Arabia’s response to the market threat posed by US shale was to broker a partnership with Russia in 2016. Six years later, that partnership is working very well, allowing the Saudis to exert geopolitical influence while shrugging off demands from the Biden White House. Continue Reading

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Pan-Arabism Returns to the Middle East

The Sunni Arab world has trouble coming to terms with its past and imagining its future. It has been dominated by autocrats for the last 100 years. A new kind of pan-Arabism could be the next ideology that delivers freedom from autocracy to this region. Continue Reading

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