Halmat Palani

Halmat Palani is a Kurdish human rights activist, English teacher and freelance writer based in Vancouver, Canada. Halmat was born as a refugee and this inspired him to complete his bachelor of arts degree from Simon Fraser University with a focus on political science and international studies. Halmat’s passion for speaking truth to power and advocating for the rights of the voiceless drives his efforts to promote human rights and democracy in Iran and the Middle East. He writes about the Kurdish Question, the Middle East and foreign policy. Halmat has written for The Jerusalem Post, Kurdistan24, Rudaw, BasNews and other news organizations.

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Kurdish Autonomy Can Boost Peace in the Middle East

The Kurds have been marginalized for decades in the world of modern nation states. Federalism for Turkey, Syria and Iran could end the marginalization of the Kurds and create a balance of power between the central governments and Kurdish regional governments. Boosting Kurdish autonomy within democratic structures would check the rise of authoritarianism, increasing prospects for peace and... Continue Reading

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The Many Negative Effects of the "Minority" Label

Is "minority" a simple term or is its use the root of the problem? The labels we bestow on marginalized groups can not only further diminish their plight and human rights, but also obstruct their progress socially, economically and politically. Continue Reading

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