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Rohan Bedi is the Managing Director & Chief Trainer of Singapore Financial Crime Compliance Association ( Earlier, he was a trainer with Euromoney Learning. Bedi has worked with JPMorgan, BAML and PwC in Singapore from 2001, and HSBC & ANZ Grindlays Bank in India. He has held important regional management roles and is a known thought leader. Bedi has authored a book on money laundering, which received a PwC award, and is the author of a novel, The Second Attack. 

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India Now Needs Kautilyan Toughness With Pakistan

India must improve its policing capabilities, counter Pakistan and hit non-state actors across the border. The third of this three-part series argues that India needs Kautilyan strategies to influence Pakistan to embrace economic cooperation and Sufi tolerance for peace and prosperity in the region. Continue Reading

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Kautilyan Perspective on How India Should Sort Out China

India must improve its defense strategy, reform its institutions, improve its economy and adopt new technologies to counter China. The second of this three-part series posits how India could adopt lessons from its ancient philosopher Kautilya, the counterpart of China’s much-heralded Sun Tzu, to deal with its northern neighbor. Continue Reading

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Can Kautilya Help Look at India's War Risk Differently?

India faces a real risk of China and Pakistan ganging up in a two-front war. The first of this three-part series posits how India could heed its ancient philosopher Kautilya who is the counterpart of China’s much-heralded Sun Tzu and improve both its defense and diplomacy. Continue Reading

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National Security: The Sikh State of North America

For international harmony and the well-being of individuals from every religion and caste, Sikhs should follow Guru Nanak’s vision of peace. Building a new Sikh state in North America is the best way to move forward for Sikhs abroad, Sikhs in India, as well as Punjab and India. Continue Reading

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