Peter Isackson

Chief Strategy Officer
Peter Isackson is the chief strategy officer at Fair Observer, an author and media producer who has worked on ground-breaking projects focused on innovative learning technology. For more than 30 years, Isackson has dedicated himself to innovative publishing, coaching, training of a new generation of trainers and developing collaborative methods to improve learning. He has authored, produced and published numerous multimedia and e-learning products and partnered with major organizations such as the BBC, Heinemann and Macmillan. Isackson has published books and articles in English and on culture, learning, language, technology and politics. Educated at the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Oxford, Isackson has settled in France. His Fair Observer column, The Daily Devil's Dictionary, provides ironic perspectives on the news, has attracted fans across the world.

NATO’s Innovation of Mind Control

October 20, 2021

Today’s technology-oriented, media manipulated civilization has succeeded in imposing a degree of hyperreality capable of obscuring whatever remnants of reality still remain within the average person’s field of perception. This requires a permanent effort to deviate attention from hyperreality itself. On rare occasions when hyperreality allows a glimpse of its...

Merck’s Gesture to Save Humanity

October 19, 2021

The media announced last week what appears to be a major breakthrough in pandemic news. It could be a turning point in the history of a pandemic that will soon celebrate its second birthday. “In the not-too-distant future,” according to MarketWatch, “you may be able to walk into a doctor’s...

Kyrsten Sinema’s True Motive Revealed

October 18, 2021

A 2014 study published by Princeton University sought to determine how political decisions were made in the United States. The study’s conclusion called into question the legitimacy of calling the current political system a democracy. It had effectively evolved into a functioning oligarchy. The New York Times’ Laughable Lack of...

The New York Times’ Laughable Lack of Irony

October 15, 2021

The Daily Devil’s Dictionary belongs to the category we might call ironic journalism. It is dedicated to unearthing the subtleties of language used by officials and public personalities as well as the media outlets that report on their sayings and doings. Irony is an effect of language that calls attention...

When Cancel Culture Cancels Culture

October 14, 2021

Once upon a time in the United States, people referred to something called “Culture with a big C.” It turned around the notion of a communally shared appreciation of the noble arts: music, painting, literature, architecture, cinema and other fields of creative production, including philosophy, history and science. It encouraged...

Yahoo Finance’s Social Darwinism

October 13, 2021

Yahoo Finance regularly features its senior columnist, Rick Newman, as a voice of open-minded reflection and staid wisdom, a seasoned journalist skilled at juggling with issues at the junction of finance and politics. Though no doctrinaire libertarian, he adheres to the capitalist faith and understandably will never question the logic...

No, Jack Kennedy, You Are Not James Bond

October 12, 2021

In this age of social media and artificial intelligence (AI), the dominant model for modern systems of government has now become hyperreal democracy. If current trends continue, society itself will inevitably become lost in a world of commercially driven illusion. Even if many brave souls are rebelling against it today,...

The Art of Propaganda: When Journalists Use Facts to Create Fiction

October 11, 2021

The legacy press continues its endless campaign to promote the belief that Russia is waging a never-ending battle against US diplomats and spies thanks to the secret weapon that provokes the dreaded “Havana syndrome.” Two Washington Post journalists, John Wagner and Miriam Berger, have apparently received strict instructions not to...

Kyrsten Sinema’s Cinematic Performance

October 08, 2021

Political news in the US often begins with legitimate debate and then quickly tends toward the competition between extravagant personalities that can only delight the media. They don’t even have to pay the actors. Occasionally it can rival reality TV, attaining the gold standard of the Kardashians. Taiwan Becomes a...

Taiwan Becomes a Point of Strategic Ambiguity

October 07, 2021

In early September, with the war in Afghanistan officially over and the Middle East retreating from the media’s landscape, The New York Times began preparing the American public for the next theater of war. This time it will be just off the coast of mainland China, in Taiwan. There will...

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