Iran-Afghanistan Tensions Now Rising Over Water

In March 2021, Afghanistan opened the gates to the Kamal Khan Dam. According to Iran, its neighbor is clearly violating the Helmand River Treaty of 1973. But this does not hold up to scrutiny. Nonetheless, it is high time that the two countries reach a compromise.

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Why Do You Need to Know About Mohammad Mosaddegh?

In 1941, the British deposed their lackey Reza Shah for cozying up with the Germans and placed his callow, decadent, opulent and worthless son on the throne. This led to a pro-democracy movement and the rise of Mohammad Mosaddegh, Iran’s first-ever democratically elected leader.

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Are the Pahlavists Following Moscow’s Lead in Washington?

The rise of the Islamic Republic followed the fall of the monarchy of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Support for the revival of the Shah is growing in Iran and they’ve found an ally in Moscow. Washington financed the Shah the first time, and now the Pahlavists want a repeat of history. Instead, the West must heed the lessons of the past and push for democracy in Iran.

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