Brains Explained: Vibration all the Way Down

Some scientific explanations are so simple and universal they seem to defy logic. For example, vibrations explain almost everything about brains and bodies, in particular how “good pain” works. This article previews a talk for the Festival of Consciousness in Barcelona.

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ISIS is Back in Syria

ISIS has lost its caliphate but remains a potent force, using mobile guerrilla tactics and a highly sophisticated smuggling and extortion network to finance its ongoing insurgency.

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Electricity Reforms Are Essential to Power India’s Ascent

State control of the electricity sector has caused waste of taxpayer money, theft of power and low per capita power consumption for decades. Over the years, India has brought in incremental reforms. Now, the country needs to go further but interest groups are likely to stall any progress till the 2024 elections, which will decide the future of power sector reforms in India.

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