Of Hobbits and Tigers: The Unlikely Heroes of Italy’s Radical Right

Dec 23, 2020

June 23, 1980: After the assassination of magistrate Mario Amato by Italian right-wing terrorists, an anonymous group published a leaflet endorsing the murder: “To the members of the ‘Great Fascist Organizations’ we say: Fuck off, you never achieved anything and never will; … you are...

Is Another 9/11 Inevitable?

Dec 08, 2020

FO Live asks if another mass casualty terrorist attack is inevitable. What drives terrorism in the 21st century? And is there a solution to this phenomenon?

12 Years After Mumbai, the Fight Against Terrorism Continues

Nov 25, 2020

The 12th anniversary of the November 26, 2008, Pakistan-sponsored terror attacks in Mumbai is an apt occasion to evaluate not only India’s struggle against terrorism but also how other major countries have dealt with this menace. Nine gunmen traveled from Karachi to Mumbai by boat to unleash...

Insecurity in the Sahel Region

Sep 17, 2020

Throughout the Sahel, international borders are porous, poverty rates are high, and there is a history of violent conflict making social fabrics acutely fragile.

Countering Insurgencies and Violent Extremism in South and Southeast Asia

Sep 01, 2020

Today, people’s rising aspirations often sit at odds with political stability. Impatience, dissent and violent protests can easily slip into insurgency and terrorism. Various state machineries stand guilty of weaponizing political disaffection in pursuit of political goals. These policies often...

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