William Softky

William Softky is a biophysicist who was among the first neuroscientists to understand microtiming, and among the first technologists to build that understanding into algorithms. Thousands have cited his scientific work, his PhD in Theoretical Physics is from Caltech, his name is on 10 patents and two of the companies he inspired were acquired for $160 million total.

The Physics and Biophysics of Sound “Healing”

Aug 09, 2019

The fashionable intelligence at The New York Times has declared sound baths are everywhere, and it’s true. Well-educated people like myself now routinely spend a couple dozen dollars for a few hours in a quiet room listening to ringing gongs, thrumming bowls and shaking rattles. Those special-purpose sonic environments are...

10 Physics Reasons Why Screens Are Bad for Humans

Jul 26, 2019

Here are 10 interlocking reasons why using screens damages the human nervous system. The reasons are derived from basic mathematical principles of how matter and energy move in space and time. The gist is that the human nervous system, seen as a sensitive instrument, needs to calibrate itself using natural...

Burning Man and Auroville: Understanding the Human Condition

Apr 28, 2019

Burning Man and Auroville offer a glimpse into the souls of the US and India respectively, and a better understanding of the human condition. Since the fall from the real garden of Eden, what some scientists call Paleo Paradise, humans have had trouble living together in peace. So, we dream...

How Human Collaboration Can Beat Screen Addiction

Mar 07, 2019

The tsunami of fake news, spam, phishing, cyberstalking and screen addiction motivates Douglas Rushkoff to write a manifesto for restoring live human collaboration. The tech honeymoon is over. Students in Brooklyn, New York, walked out in protest against a tech-heavy educational program. The very first conference on “screen addiction” attracted...