Trump Is Giving Syria the “Iran Treatment”

Jul 22, 2020

In mid-June, Washington imposed harsh economic sanctions on Syria under the Caesar Act. A key US objective behind these sanctions is to prevent President Bashar al-Assad from achieving a true victory in the civil war.

Libyan General Gets Closer to Assad

Jun 06, 2020

More than nine years into the Syrian crisis, there are steady reports of Syrian militants fighting in Libya’s civil war over 1,200 miles away.

The NY Times Shames “Peacenik” Tulsi Gabbard

Aug 23, 2019

The majority of media outlets in the US seem to agree, with hindsight, that the wars in the Middle East initiated by George W. Bush and prolonged by the next two presidents were launched under false pretenses and represent a waste of blood and treasure. Curiously, they also seem to believe that...

Syria Airstrikes Have No Strategy in Sight

Apr 14, 2018

The possibility of airstrikes against Syria demonstrates yet again how policy undermines military strategy. On April 12, Britain’s emergency “war cabinet” sat to deliberate airstrikes against President Bashar al-Assad’s forces in Syria as a response to yet another chemical attack...

What Went Wrong in Syria?

Dec 21, 2017

In this edition of The Interview, Fair Observer talks to the former US ambassador in Syria, Robert Ford. Robert Ford served as the US ambassador to Syria between 2011 and 2014, an appointee of the Obama administration. Ford was criticized for his belief that working with the Syrian rebels would...