Middle East and North Africa Top Organized Crime Report

October 06, 2021

Organized crime is an ever-evolving, transnational threat that affects every country in the world and poses a global threat to peace and security. It transcends borders and undermines sustainable development, governance, economic stability and public health. Nations experiencing conflict and its...

Sisi’s Orwellian Egypt

October 04, 2021

The US Must Keep Tunisia’s Slide Toward Autocracy in Check

September 29, 2021

On September 22, Tunisian President Kais Saied extended the emergency measures introduced in July that saw parliament suspended and the prime minister fired, granting the president executive authority. The move presents a worrying possibility of growing repression both in Tunisia and across the...

Tunisia and the Gulf

September 16, 2021

A decade after the Jasmine Revolution, an autogolpe in Tunisia put the North African country back in the international spotlight. Annelle Sheline, an adviser at Gulf State Analytics, discusses the influence of Gulf states in Tunisia.

The Great War on Terror: Feeding the Beast

September 13, 2021

Pastoral Nomads in North Africa Consider In-Place Farming

March 03, 2021

North African pastoralism, an agricultural method used for centuries by nomadic people in the steppe highlands, is on the decline. Facing limited grazing land due to overuse and drought, pastoral nomads are favoring more sedentary farming methods like growing fruit or nut trees and...

The New Generation of Arab Photographers

February 03, 2021

Discerning eyes have known for quite a while that the Arab world is more than it appears in conventional photography. The old visual language of minarets and souks, of unassuming eyes set deep in dark faces, of conceptual or actual “unveilings” and of non-consensual or ambivalent colonial...

Reworking US Policy in the Middle East and North Africa

October 14, 2020

US foreign policy has shifted dramatically from just a brief 20 years ago. This is not the making of Donald Trump, Xi Jinping or Vladimir Putin. Rather, they are symptoms of forces that have been building since the post-Soviet era. With the ascendency of the US as the global superpower and the...

There Are Mixed Messages on the Moroccan Economy

September 25, 2019

Reading tea leaves, even great Moroccan mint tea, is always challenging, especially with data that doesn’t always seem to match up. So, depending on what you’re measuring and where you gather your statistics, the message can vary from so bad to almost great, when it comes to economic...

The Hidden Gems of Morocco

July 19, 2019

For many people, July 6 marked the passing of just another Saturday. But to over 1 billion people, it was of tremendous significance as it was the 25th UN International Day of Cooperatives. Over 12% of humanity contribute to one of the 3 million cooperatives on the planet. Cooperatives not only...

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