For Libya, Peace Remains Unlikely

Nov 12, 2020

A recent ceasefire agreement and ongoing political reconciliation negotiations between Libya’s warring factions have significantly de-escalated tensions. A flurry of diplomatic engagement, with significant international support, has raised hopes that the Libyan conflict is about to enter a new...

Narratives About Turkish Military Interventions

Sep 08, 2020

Throughout 2020, Turkey has staged military operations in three Arab countries: Libya, Iraq and Syria.

Europe Is Divided in Libya

Sep 04, 2020

France’s foreign policy in Libya has left Europe divided in relation to the North African country's civil war.

Turkey Takes on the UAE in Palestine

Aug 25, 2020

The news that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is considering suspending ties with the UAE over its deal to recognize Israel reinforces the battle lines of the Middle East. The announcement nevertheless comes as little surprise. The Palestinian cause seems destined to be eternally used by...

The West’s Middle Eastern Playbook

Jul 16, 2020

Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan, the wise ones say. I would add that failure suddenly gets you dumped like a hot potato in the hands of your benefactors. You don’t believe me? Just ask the Libyan has-been, Khalifa Haftar, at one time considered the best game in town by his...

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