Brains Explained: Vibration all the Way Down

Some scientific explanations are so simple and universal they seem to defy logic. For example, vibrations explain almost everything about brains and bodies, in particular how “good pain” works. This article previews a talk for the Festival of Consciousness in Barcelona.

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Fair Observer’s New Rubric: Impertinent Questions

Fair Observer invites the public to participate in a wide-ranging dialogue exploring avenues, ideas and insights that are typically avoided or even excluded from treatment by the popular media. It is your questions and your answers that will feed the dialogue. Everyone is invited to join our crucible of collaboration.

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“The Lady Vanishes” But She Must Not

Women have to deal with sexism throughout their lives. As they get old, they have to deal with ageism as well. This must end because they deserve better and also because they offer society many unseen benefits of great value.

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