Anthony Gokianluy

Anthony Gokianluy is an undergraduate at the University of Chicago and is currently completing his double-major in Economics and Political Science. At the university, Gokianluy is involved with longitudinal Asian American family research where he advises on cultural and process measures that guide assessments of Asian American groups. He also helps develop research materials, and supervise data monitoring and field operations for the study as a research assistant of the UChicago School of Social Service Administration (SSA). Gokianluy is also a consulting associate for the University of Chicago Microfinance Initiative (UCMI), and takes on consulting and investment roles with microfinance institutions to formulate best practices to improve business and marketing operations. On campus, he leads the Green Economics Group, an organization that focuses on business solutions for environmental agency clients in Chicago and analyzes their operations and finances from an economics lens. His research focus and interest is on the food service industry and on issues of national and regional concern, which can range from illegal mining to the future of Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs).


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