When Mexico Shut Down

March 22, 2021

Violence Against Women in Mexico Rises

March 09, 2021

Home is not a safe space for many women around the world and coronavirus-era quarantines and lockdowns have increased the risk of gender-based violence. In Mexico, statistics reflect this reality and women additionally face the rising risk of becoming targets amid violent drug crime and the...

Mexico’s President Shockingly Calls The NY Times Neoliberal

May 14, 2020

After Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (known as AMLO) accused The New York Times of a lack of ethics when it published an article claiming that his government was underreporting the number of coronavirus deaths, Mexico News Daily found a subtle way of defending The Times. It did...

Mexican President AMLO’s Complex Fight Against Corruption

July 24, 2019

Mexico’s recently elected progressive president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, known as AMLO, has assumed the monumental task of transforming the age-old mordida system of corruption. Some describe it simply as “the traditional and customary way of getting things done.” The president’s...

The Fourth Transformation of Mexico

The Daily Devil’s Dictionary: Time to “Orchestrate” in Mexico

July 11, 2018

There are techniques that some journalists use to present their prejudices as objective news and, in so doing, reveal their hidden loyalties. Mexico’s newly-elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, aka ALMO, has promised to institute a phase of "transitional justice" to move away from...

Mexico Has Bigger Problems than Russian Interference

June 30, 2018

Just like the US elections in 2016, fake news has become a fixture of Mexican social media during the electoral season. In a video posted in January, Mexico’s leading presidential candidate, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (better known by his initials, AMLO), stands on the edge of the port of...

The Tragedy of Journalism in Mexico

May 20, 2017

Journalism is facing a crisis in Mexico, leading to protests calling for an end to violence. “A murdered journalist means one less voice in favor of the people.” These words, written in Spanish, were placed on a blanket outside a memorial for Javier Valdéz, a reporter for La Jornada who was...

Trump’s Wall vs Private Land

April 05, 2017

The implementation of President Trump’s border wall faces legal battles over private land. While President Donald Trump intends to build a border wall for the security of the American people, many Americans face the fear of losing their land. Aurora Flores Trigo is among 58 heirs to her...

Mexico: Unrest Against Fuel Price Hike Risks Sentiment Toward IOCs

January 17, 2017

The Mexican government’s increase of fuel prices has provoked a wave of unrest targeting petrol facilities across the country. In Mexico, the removal of subsidies and deregulation of prices have seen fuel costs go up 14-20% since January 1, sparking a wave of nationwide unrest involving wide...

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