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Trump’s Wall vs Private Land

The implementation of President Trump’s border wall faces legal battles over private land.

While President Donald Trump intends to build a border wall for the security of the American people, many Americans face the fear of losing their land.

Aurora Flores Trigo is among 58 heirs to her grandmother’s land by the Rio Grande River. In January 2018, for the first time in over 100 years, it may be taken from her family. The US government sent her a declaration stating that it would seize 5,000 square meters in order to build the border wall. This letter offered $2,900 in compensation, which Trigo does not find to be comparable to the sentimental value the land holds.

The government has the power to take over private property for “compelling public reasons.” The Trump administration is already gearing up for legal fights against landowners, and it intends to hire 20 US attorneys dedicated to border land acquisition.

The border of Los Ebanos, Texas has been a commonplace for unauthorized crossing. While areas like these are in need of more border security, there are structural issues involved as well. The land surrounding the riverbanks is disintegrating, making the border wall practically unfeasible. Security measures such as hiring more patrol agents and electronic surveillance could be enough to suffice.

Some of the nearby residents think it is impossible to completely halt all undocumented immigrants from crossing into the US in regions like Los Ebanos, but Trump has promised to do so. To what it extent is he willing to go to in efforts keep this promise is still left to question.

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