Rajai Masri

Rajai R. Masri holds an MBA from INSEAD; a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin in Madison; and the CFA designation along with higher studies of finance. He has lectured in various courses of finance at the Boston University and McGill University. Masri has also advised the Egyptian, Saudi and Nigerian governments on their privatization programs.

Egypt: The Deep State and Democracy

Egypt is far from ripe to embark on a truly representative democracy.  Due to a widening disparity between the elitist “haves” and the preponderant disenfranchised “have-nots” in Egypt, the split could transform into a stark class division for decades to come. This will heavily bear on Egypt’s social peace, in a country that is mired with insurmountable... Continue Reading

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Syria: Miscalculations of War?

Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have miscalculated the conflict in Syria. The victory of the Assad regime and Hezbollah in the month-long battle over Al-Qusayr, located near Lebanon’s northern border, was marked in the southern district of Beirut, a predominately Shi’ite area and Hezbollah stronghold, with volleys of gunfire and great celebrations. Sheikh Naem Qassem,... Continue Reading

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Qatar: Take a Back Seat

Qatar’s influence in Syria and its recent presentation of a flawed peace initiative for the Arab-Israeli conflict, highlights the fact that the state has deviated from its former welcomed role as a regional firefighter. Belatedly, the gas-rich state of Qatar has been assuming a geopolitical role and interventionist policy in the Middle East and the North Africa, one befitting of a... Continue Reading

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Dubai: The Global Village

The ruler of the Emirate of Dubai has created a model city — a near fantasy land that rightly features many aspects of a global village. Calling Dubai a miracle in its current unique example of an open and modern international city, would not be too far-fetched. The transformation of the small Gulf locality — drenched with the generally inhospitable sweat and dust of the desert... Continue Reading

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Second Thoughts on the Merits of the "Arab Spring"

Rajai Masri explains the complex reality of the Arab world amidst the potential for real change. One is coming to the conclusion that the “objective circumstances,”Al-Zorouf Al-Mawdouieh, are not ripe. The lack of political maturity among Arabs cannot lead to a constructive and orderly transformation or a change in the socio-political structure of the Arab world, at this particular... Continue Reading

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Syria: Political Dialogue and the Rise of Salafists

The discourse of the West, Arab Gulf states, Turkey, and the leader of the Syrian opposition is shifting towards favoring political dialogue. All concerned parties appear to share common fear over the rise of Salafists and Jihadists who are gaining ground inside Syria. All indications, particularly judging from political declarations to representatives of the influencing players in the Syrian... Continue Reading

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Israel's Elections: Slipping Opportunities for Peace

With polls predicting an overwhelming win for the Israeli extreme right, Israel would be entering a point-of-no return, kissing the chances of peace with the Palestinians goodbye, argues Rajai Masri. The reputable British broadsheet, The Independent, ran an article on January 2, 2013, by Alistair Dawber, on the upcoming Israeli elections dubbed: “Naftali Bennett: The Zionist pin-up... Continue Reading

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Morsi: Desperate Times Require Desperate Measures

Morsi's presidential decree appears necessary by virtue of an increasingly politicized and non-elected judiciary that appears intent on frustrating the Egyptian president's ambitious reform plans. In August 2012, less than two months after the newly elected Egyptian president was inaugurated, I wrote an article dubbed, “President Morsi’s Huge Task: The Cleansing of the Old... Continue Reading

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Shelving the Goldstone Report: Revisiting the Gaza War

The failure of the international community to follow through on the Goldstone Report has paved the way for the current replay of the war on Gaza. The replay of the Gaza War, a war between two unequal antagonists visiting indiscriminate killings of innocent lives and destruction of properties, could most probably have been avoided had the United Nations Human Rights Council's (UNHRC)... Continue Reading

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Obama's Re-Election: A Possible Middle East Scenario

Should Obama win re-election, the United States is likely to embark upon a new serious strategy to achieve peace in the Middle East. Rajai Masri illustrates a possible scenario to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Despite all appearances to the contrary, should Barack Obama get re-elected for a second term as president, the United States in tandem with Europe, is likely to embark upon a... Continue Reading

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