Iraq Faces Insecurity Alone

May 07, 2020

In late March, the US-led coalition, operating under the auspices of Operation Inherent Resolve, announced that it was relocating most of its personnel and equipment out of Iraq. By early April, the coalition already completed the transfer of four major bases hosting US-led troops back to Iraqi...

Has the Iraqi Government Failed?

Nov 07, 2019

A widespread belief in Iraq is that the post-Baathist system has failed the country. Many Iraqis accuse their leaders of pillaging the nation’s wealth while providing poor services to citizens.

Unrest Heats Up in Iraq

Sep 03, 2019

On August 14, a major explosion occurred in the gas transportation pipeline of the Electricity Distribution Station of Alhartha, located in Iraq’s southern governorate of Basra. Although local sources have talked of some “technical cause,” the blast’s reason remains unclear. In the...

World Refugee Day Challenges Our Humanitarian Sensibilities

Jun 20, 2018

World Refugee Day should be an observance of communities that have opened their hearts and cities to those in need. While I have often expressed my thoughts about the Syrian, Palestinian and Iraqi refugees in Lebanon, even including the burdens carried by Jordan and Palestine, it is only a...

Saving the “Cubs of the Caliphate”

Jun 05, 2018

Iraq has the potential to harness youth in countering violent extremism and the establishment of future peaceful coexistence. With the defeat of the so-called Islamic State (IS) in Iraq announced in December 2017, the country faces critical questions about how it will emerge from and address the...

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