Fair Observer Monthly: August 2021





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In this edition, we focus on the fallout from the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and the US withdrawal from the country. We also have articles on elections in austerity in the Arab world, the minimum wage in America and the transgender community in India.

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Austerity for the Poor and Prosperity for the Rich — Ahmed Aref

There’s No Such Thing as Plenty of Fish in the Sea — Leah Garden

Is America Ready to Raise the Minimum Wage? — Timothy Rich, Bridget Beavin, Ian Milden, Olivia Blackmon

Joe Biden Faces a Dilemma Over Iran — David J. Karl

A Pandemic of Quitting: Why Are Americans Leaving Their Jobs? — Kiara Taylor

India’s COVID-19 Vaccination Drive Is Failing the Transgender Community — Preeti Choudhary

Securing the Flow of Aid in Yemen — Ali Mahmood

The Godfather of Fascist Terrorism — Matthew Feldman & Bethan Johnson

Afghanistan: A Final Nail in the Coffin of American Foreign Policy — Bilal Rahmani

Afghans Have Been Left at the Mercy of the Ruthless Taliban — Sakhi Khalid


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