The World This Year: 2016







In 2016, there has been a lot to make sense of. When you peruse the pages of this e-book, it might strike you that each of the 52 weeks was significant in its own way. Of course, some weeks were most significant than others. From the Philippines and Turkey to the US and the UK, tectonic plates of history were on the move. In 100 years, we will be reading about what happened in 2016 and strive to make sense of it.

Written by our founder, CEO and editor-in-chief, Atul Singh, this yearbook will give you insights into the issues, events and trends that defined 2016. With its weekly deep dives and truly global coverage, The World This Year 2016 is history in a hurry. Deep research, rigorous analysis and incisive irony make it a great read and an excellent way to make sense of the world in 2016.

This e-book can be read on smartphone, tablet and desktop in PDF format.

1: Something is Rotten in Saudi Arabia

2: Explosive Situations in North Korea, China and Germany

3: Obama Rejects Politics Based on Race or Religion

4: Global Economy in Trouble as Markets Tumble

5: Italy-EC Deal Puts Taxpayers at Risk

6: Donald Trump is Scary, Ted Cruz is Terrifying

7: Death of the Godfather

8: A Troubled Marriage in Europe

9: Peace For Our Time

10: Can the Dragon Keep Breathing Fire?

11: Super Mario’s QE and Lula Meets Police

12: Turkey Guards the Gates of Vienna

13: Obama Visits Cuba to Salsa With Castro

14: Yes, Nuclear Terrorism is a Real Threat

15: Taxes, the Rich and the Panama Papers

16: Earthquakes Devastate Ecuador and Japan

17: “Rain Man” Says Apple Should Pay More Tax

18: Sadly, Donald Trump Has a Point

19: Arise Mayor Sadiq Khan and Champions Leicester City

20: Dilma Ousted as Bleak Future Bedevils Brazil

21: Merger Mania Marks Rising Risks to Global Economy

22: Vietnam, Japan, the Asia Pivot and the Obama Doctrine

23: Germany Declares Turkey Guilty of “Armenian Genocide”

24: Gay Nightclub Shooting Shakes America

25: To “Put Britain First” Terrorist Murders Jo Cox

26: Brexit Ends UK’s Troubled Marriage With EU

27: The Age of Fear, Anger, Hate and Terror

28: Dallas Shines Light on America’s Dark Soul

29: Blood on the Bosporus as Purge Follows Failed Coup

30: The Age of Donald Trump

31: Two-Party System Begins to Crack

32: Refugees Saving Grace of Rotten Rio Olympics

33: Might Thailand Turn Into Paradise Lost?

34: Bikinis or Burkinis?

35: Army, America and Akhtar Confront Pakistan

36: Peace in Colombia After 52 Years of War

37: 15 Years After 9/11

38: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

39: War in Syria is a Never-Ending Tragedy

40: Voters Say No to Colombia Peace Deal

41: Donald Trump is the Ultimate Ugly American

42: Thai King’s Death Raises Royal Question

43: Philippines Spurns the US to Flirt with China

44: Climate Change Matters and So Do Other Species

45: High Court Throws a Googly at Brexit

46: Why Donald Trump Won

47: World Trade Hits Headwinds

48: Fidel Castro Divides Opinion

49: Dirty Oil Drives the Global Economy

50: Italian Referendum Puts Banks and Brussels in Focus

51: A Terrible Tragedy Afflicts Aleppo

52: Protests in Poland for Freedom and Democracy


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