Make Sense of 2015







In this yearbook, you will be reading the top five articles from each of our subject and region areas for 2015. Our selection, like all selections, is subjective and imperfect. We have agonized over our decisions and there are other articles we would have dearly liked to include. Yet we have to adhere by our structure. As in The World This Week, five is our magic number and some articles have inevitably slipped through the cracks.

Make Sense of 2015 is rich in content. It showcases the quality and diversity of our contributors. You can see that we live up to our ideal of bringing together a plurality of perspectives that cut across borders, backgrounds and beliefs. This yearbook is a valuable resource for students, academics, diplomats, business professionals and global citizens. 

This is an e-book that can be read on smartphone, tablet and desktop in PDF format.


Nigerian Elections Set the Stage for Jonathan vs BuhariHugo Norton

Somalia is Tired of Conflict and DestructionYusuf Hassan

Africa Must Improve Its Welfare ServicesAkunyili Tochukwu

Obama’s Kenyan Homecoming: Dreams From His Father’s LandSamuel Ollunga

Development and Human Rights at Odds in EthiopiaGus Fincus


China is a Rising Dragon, But With No Blazing Fire Jarno Lang

Thailand: The Land of Smiles and Dictator — Craig Moran

“Strong Evidence” of Genocide Raises Stakes in Myanmar — Daniel Sullivan

Land Mafia Fire Game Lights Up Indonesia Umi Habibah Mansyur and Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat

History is Being Rewritten in East Asia Sébastien Smith


Modi Must Clarify His Position on Hindu Nationalism Aparna Pande

Sex Education is More Important Than We Think Tanvi Kusum

Stop Child Labor in Nepal Suman Giri and Rashesh Shrestha

Hamid Gul and Pakistan’s Schizophrenia David Karl

Tango Time for the US and India Atul Singh


The Paris Paradox Landon Shroder

Can Ukraine Turn From Pawn to Kingmaker? Polina Popova

Corbyn Fever Brings Winds of Change to Britain Tahir Abbas

Immigrants in Germany Present Five Challenges and Six Opportunities Rolf Dienst

The Paris Tragedy and the End of Strategic Thinking Peter Isackson


Who’s Marching in Argentina? Rodrigo Llauro

Cuba’s Coming Out Party at the Americas Summit Medea Benjamin

El Salvador’s Draconian Abortion Laws: A Miscarriage of Justice Michael Avender and Medea Benjamin

Colombia Leads by Example in the Americas Jonathan Bissell

What Happened to Brazil?John Feffer


Does the Islamic State Pose a Threat to Morocco and Jordan? Nicholas Heras and Amanda Claypool

Oman Could Hold the Key in Yemen Fernando Carvajal

Learning Lessons From the Iranian Nuclear Problem Peter Jenkins

A Picture Can Save a Thousand Lives Chaker Khazaal

A Glimmer of Hope for the Syrian Crisis… But Only Gary Grappo


A Love Letter to Young American Muslims Maria Khwaja Bazi

Baltimore, the City of Lost Souls Landon Shroder

Experience Trumps All Patrick Mellody

Clinton, Sanders, Trump? Just Ask a Casting Director Amy Cook

Reframing and Preventing American Gun Violence Veena Trehan


Estonia is One of the Most Advanced E-Societies in the World Kourosh Ziabari and Keit Pentus-Rosimannus

Islamophobia is a Lucrative Industry Kourosh Ziabari and Nathan Lean

The Foreign Policy Bazaar With Ian McCredie Landon Shroder and Ian McCredie

BBC and India’s Problematic Romance Nilanjana Sen and Mark Tully

Lindsey Graham on US Foreign Policy in the Middle East Landon Shroder and Lindsey Graham


In the Midst of a Revolution, The X Factor Meets The Apprentice Abul-Hasanat Siddique and Asim Haneef

Rethinking Retail Development in Morocco Kaylee Steck)

Entrepreneurship in India is a Story With Two Endings Punit Arora

Anou Connects Moroccan Weavers to World Market Anna Boots

What Can the Power of Travel Do? Abul-Hasanat Siddique


Excuse Me, Why is Jesus White? Atul Singh

Sex: Stone Age Mind in a Modern-Day World? Anna Pivovarchuk and Barry Kuhle

An American Anxiety Hannah Rosenberg

Saudi Fighter Challenges Stereotypes of Women Maria Khwaja Bazi

There’s More to Chicago Gang Violence Than Meets the Eye — Andre Evans


Despite Problems, Greece’s Economy Has Growth Potential John Bruton

Is the Rising US Personal Savings Rate a Bane or Boon? Daniel Currie

Lessons Greece Can Learn From Seychelles Manu Sharma

Why Are Interest Rates So Low? Jeevan Parameswaran

How the US Interest Rate Might Affect You Sam Cho


The Future of Hydropower Even Kuross

Destroy the World… and Feel Good About It Derrick Jensen

Preparing for Natural Disasters is Becoming Even More Important Laura Janneck

Why Do Some People Reject Climate Change? — Arek Sinanian

Climate Deal Will Only Stick If It’s Just Atul Singh


Lebanon’s Health Care is Under Strain Over Syrian Crisis Lana Khattab

When Corruption Becomes Oppression in Bangladesh Maria Khwaja Bazi

Is There a Role for Citizens in India’s Smart Cities Challenge? Florence Engasser and Tom Saunders

Business Should Step in on Behalf of Migrant Workers in the Gulf David Segall

The Dangerous Job of a Human Rights Defender Deeyah Khan


One Year Ago, I Was in Baghdad When ISIS Took Iraq Landon Shroder

Yemen Faces a Catastrophe as Violence IntensifiesDina Yazdani

Terrorism in Paris is Not France’s Fault… It’s Europe’s Bruce Newsome

Resolve, Not Rhetoric, Will Defeat the Islamic State Gary Grappo

Is Europe’s Buffer Zone in Ukraine Keeping it Safe? Olena Lennon and Brian Milakovsky


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