Africa This Year: 2016







If this is the African century, then ours is a quest to chronicle the political, social, cultural and economic narratives of our era. Ours is a labor of love to record for posterity the forces shaping this great continent. Our aim is to inform and educate the world about Africa even as we play our part in influencing the direction, pace and cadence of the continent’s journey.

Written by Samuel Ollunga and Atul Singh, this yearbook captures the most important issues, events and trends month by month for Africa. From rambunctious elections in an increasingly democratic continent to economic challenges at a time when the prices of commodities have been falling, 2016 rung in big changes for Africa. Africa This Year 2016 helps you make sense of a still little-known continent with incredible richness, diversity and dynamism.

This is an e-book that can be read on smartphone, tablet and desktop in PDF format.

1: Global Economic Slowdown Afflicts Africa

2: Democracy on Trial 

3: A Welcome Time For Change

4: Taking Stock of Strides in Justice, Peace and Prosperity 

5: Toward a More Respected African Union 

6: Dreams of Unity in Uncertain Times

7: Pan-Africanism Means Colonial Borders Must Go

8: Democracy Deepens Amidst Economic Woes

9: Saving the Village to Transform the Continent

10: International Institutions Stumble

11: Africa in the Age of Donald Trump 

12: The Season of Elections, Hope and Change

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