Make Sense of 2017







The issues we face are important and complex. Make Sense of 2017 provides you with a plurality of perspectives on world issues. It has some of our best articles of the year from contributors who cut across borders, backgrounds and beliefs.

In this edition, we shine the light on issues as diverse as Donald Trump’s first year in office to Emmanuel Macron’s win in France. We look at all regions and have articles on the Nigerian health sector, the next two years for Modi, Erdogan’s referendum in Turkey, NAFTA and the Qatar crisis.

This is an e-book that can be read on smartphone, tablet and desktop in PDF format.


Time is Running Out for The Gambia’s President — Hugo Norton

A Stress Test for Democracy in South Africa — Hayley Elszasz

Kenyan Elections: The Most Hotly Contested Since Independence — Peris Tarus

The Nigerian Health Sector: A Cat with Nine Lives — Oyepeju Abioye

How Federalism Can Work in Somalia — Yusuf Hassan


The Asia Pacific in 2017 — Chye Shu Wen

Indonesia’s Dealmaker in a Trump-Led Asian Order — Bradley Wood

The Fall of North Korea — Sebastien Smith

Saudi Arabia’s Colliding Interests in Myanmar — Daniel Wagner & Jesse Schatz

Looking Back at the Asian Financial Crisis — Ravindran Navaratnam


Afghanistan: The Stolen Tale of Khorasan — Laura Cesaretti

It’s Time to Make in India — Ankita Mukhopadhyay

An Indian Revolution: From Indira’s Congress to BJP’s Modi — Manu Sharma & Atul Singh

Coming Together to Rebuild Afghanistan — Bakhtiar Safi

The Next Two Years for Modi — Umang Goswami


How Will Emmanuel Macron Govern? — Cécile Guerin

A Fifth Act for the Fifth Republic — Peter Isackson

London’s Calm Response to Violence — Stephen Chan

20 Years After Diana, Princess of Wales — Ellis Cashmore

The Future of Spain’s Territorial Integrity — Kinga Brudzinska


After NAFTA: New Trade Opportunities for Mexico — Daniel Kapellmann

Defeating Systemic Corruption: Colombia’s Next Major Challenge — Glenn Ojeda Vega

The Tragedy of Journalism in Mexico — Maria Fernanda Tapia Cortes

Trump’s Wrongheaded Choices on Puerto Rico’s Humanitarian Crisis — Carlos Figueroa

The Caribbean Needs Better Access to Information to Get Ahead of Climate Change — John Martin 


What Lies Ahead for Yemen in 2017? — Omar Mashjari

Mosul is Pivotal in US Counterterrorism Strategy — Dan Heesemann

Erdogan Wins the President’s Referendum — Tahir Abbas

The Not So Cooperative Gulf Cooperation Council — Gary Grappo

Trump Botches Jerusalem Opportunity — Gary Grappo


Obama Out, Trump In — Peter Isackson

Democracy Check: Trump at 100 Days — Ryan J. Suto

Trump’s Extreme Vetting Charade — Samuel Guzman

Racism in America Is Alive and Well — S. Suresh

Why the National Anthem Protests Were Doomed to Fail — Charles Hoskinson


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