Climate Change

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Climate Change is No Laughing Matter360°ANALYSIS

Climate change denial goes against scientific consensus and threatens lives.

There are numerous conspiracy theories out there—9/11 was an inside job, Barack Obama is a Muslim, the world is run by the Illuminati—that are dismissed and ridiculed. Yet the denial of climate change, viewed as a scientific conspiracy, is something that we should all take seriously.

Those who refuse to accept that climate change is not only a tangible reality, but also fomented by human activity are ignoring endless scientific data proving the contrary—and no less than 99.9% of scientists studying the subject agree on the findings.

With 14 of the 15 warmest years on record occurring since the year 2000, it is perhaps time for the deniers to stop conflating “weather” with “climate.”

While other conspiracy theories do not harm anyone and often provide due amusement, the denial of climate change—by policymakers in particular—bears the heavy responsibility to the 400,000 people killed by climate change each year.

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