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Making Sense of Indian Unicorns

FO° Live makes sense of India’s unicorns — not mythical creatures but very real companies valued at $1 billion or more. India is now home to over 80 unicorn startups. Continue Reading

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Fair Observer’s New Feature: “Language and the News”

After running the feature called “The Daily Devil’s Dictionary” for the past four years, Fair Observer is expanding its coverage of the culture of media and public discourse. The Devil’s Dictionary moves to a weekly format and will be accompanied by a developing reflection on the language of the news. Fact-checking Is Not Enough. Sense-checking Is Equally Important. One of the... Continue Reading

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FO° Live: Women Under the Taliban

In the 1990s, the Taliban closed the women's university in Afghanistan, forced nearly all women to quit their jobs and restricted their access to medical care. They also brutally enforced a restrictive dress code on women and limited their freedom of movement. Continue Reading

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Did COP26 Deliver for the Planet?

The Glasgow Climate Pact aims to reduce the worst impacts of climate change. Countries agreed to reduce the use of coal that is responsible for 40% of annual carbon dioxide emissions. But many believe that COP26 did not go far enough. Continue Reading

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Climate Change Explained

We are living in the sixth mass extinction of plants and animals. This time, human beings are causing it. Find out more about the impact of climate change in this explainer video. Continue Reading

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