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Russell Brand on “Icebergs of Filth”360°ANALYSIS

What does porn do to both men and women and the way we relate to each other?

Sex is something we need and want because of our biological make-up. But has the notion of sexuality become warped and perverted as a result of a confused acculturation of love and physical closeness?

According to Russell Brand, pornography reduces sex to an extracted physical act that has little to do with reality. Prolonged exposure to porn carries with it an exaggerated perception of sexual activity in society, diminished trust among couples, abandonment of hope of sexual monogamy and the belief that promiscuity is a natural state.

With the easy access the Internet now provides, there are “icebergs of filth” floating through every household over Wi-Fi.

The full long-term effects this has on young people growing up within this paradigm are still largely unknown, but voyeurism, validation through trophyism and fear of true intimacy are all part of our social habit of connecting procreation with objectification of women.

This is a tough equation to break down and, according to Brand, we need to stop and think what we want from our relationships and sexuality.

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