Vaibhav Singh

Dr. Vaibhav Singh, a graduate of Armed Forces Medical College; Pune, works as a Research Associate at Navdanya. Dr. Singh focuses on fields of his interest such as Public Health, Fitness, Research, Agricuture, and Nutrition. He participates actively in creating awareness for organic farming and organic food and believes that Industrial Agriculture is the mother of all evils in the society. He has co-authored two books with Dr. Vandana Shiva titled, “Health per Acre- Organic Solutions to Hunger and Malnutrition” and “Poisons in Our Food- Links between Pesticides and Diseases”.

Health Per Acre - The Real Wealth of Farmers (Part 3/3)

April 08, 2013

What are the Risks to Human Health if use of Chemical is not Restricted Pesticides target harmful pests along with useful insects. This results in disappearance of useful insect species such as honey bee. Evidence suggests that the number of honey bee colonies dropped in US farmland by 57% from...

Health Per Acre - The Real Wealth of Farmers (Part 2/3)

April 04, 2013

The analysis done in the previous issue points at the opportunity cost of practicing Industrial farming which is equal to the cost of increased amount of nutrition produced through ecologically intensive organic farming. Although stock markets were flooded with excess of a few food commodities, the nutrition produced across the...

Health Per Acre - The Real Wealth of Farmers (Part 1/3)

March 27, 2013

The introduction of chemicals and, thereby, progression to chemical intensive conventional farming led to simultaneous development of two types of trends in Indian agriculture- that of investing huge sums of money in seeds, fertilizers to nourish these seeds, and pesticides to protect them, and that of growing one type of...