Sarah Eltantawi

Sarah Eltantawi is an incoming Assistant Professor of Comparative Religion at Evergreen State College. Eltantawi is currently a 2013/14 EUME Fellow at the Berlin-based "Forum Transregionale Studien."

The Deeper Social Meaning of the Muslim Brotherhood (Part 2/2)

October 10, 2013

Popular checks will make a comeback in Egypt. This is the last of a two part series. Read part one here. The brief history of the Muslim Brotherhood discussed in part one, gives us some context as we try to understand Egyptians’ feelings as they took to the streets on...

Observing the Possibility of Scottish Independence

May 26, 2013

Sarah Eltantawi suggests that the debate on Scottish independence can provide useful insights for the Arab world. Those with attention turned habitually elsewhere in the world may not know the details of the Acts of Union of 1707, unifying Scotland and England. These acts, passed under the tutelage of Queen...

The Egyptian Revolution Two Years On

January 25, 2013

As Egypt marks the second anniversary of its revolution that ousted Hosni Mubarak, Egyptians are at the base of a new "purgatory", argues Sarah Eltantawi. In Dante’s Purgatorio, the poets finally make their escape from hell just before Easter Sunday in the year 1300CE. Cato of Utica — purgatory’s gate...