Kevin Kwok

Kevin Kwok is the former China Editor at Fair Observer. He is currently completing his Bachelor's degree at the University of Chicago.

Hong Kong Troubles: Interview with Cam MacMurchy (Part 1)

October 22, 2012

Cam MacMurchy discusses the relationship between Hong Kong and mainland China. Mr. MacMurchy is co-founder of southern China information and listings website The Nanfang. Interview conducted by Kevin Kwok. Question 1: Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed Mr. MacMurchy. Before we begin, can you briefly elaborate for our readers upon...

China’s Influence in Africa

September 25, 2012

What are the implications of China's growing influence in Africa? Background Africa and China have enjoyed centuries of trade relations. Early trade and commerce picked up during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD) and culminated in an expedition by the Chinese admiral Zheng He to modern-day Somalia and the Mozambique Channel....

Confucius: Ancient Sage, Modern Settings

September 20, 2012

What significance does Confucius’ legacy have today? Loyalty to one’s family. Respect for the elderly. The self-cultivation of knowledge and humaneness. These are values closely identified with the people of China and East Asia, and can all be traced back to the ancient sage and teacher who lived and worked...

Studying Abroad: The Young and the Nomadic - Part 2

August 07, 2012

Kevin Kwok comments on the experience of foreign students in China. This is the second in a series of two articles. Read part 1 here. Accounting for the Chinese Experience In the first part of the article, three archetypes of the student abroad were introduced: students who had long dreamed...

Agni-V: China Yawns

June 21, 2012

India's paranoia over China is a one-sided dilemma. India and China have trust issues. Modern ties between the two ancient civilizations following the 1947 partition of India and the formation of the People’s Republic of China have been spiked with conflicts and skirmishes - the most serious case being the...

Bo No More

April 23, 2012

Analysis on the scandal surrounding Bo Xilai and his wife. Like something out of a spy novel, the most fascinating development in Chinese politics since the Tiananmen incident continues to unspool in an unprecedentedly public manner. Following his removal as Chongqing party chief, Bo Xilai was suspended from his remaining...

A Wolf in Executive Clothing

April 23, 2012

The election of Leung Chun-ying as Chief Executive of Hong Kong raises questions about the electoral process and Beijing’s grip on the city. The position of Hong Kong Chief Executive is not one that has covered itself in glory since it replaced the erstwhile British colonial-era position of Governor in...

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