To Hell With Complaining

Apr 06, 2020

We all know the type and have been them, at times: the chronically dissatisfied. Short-changed by life at every turn, or so they believe, they adopt a scorched-earth mentality. Each time they unbutton their lips, it’s to tear down, belittle, bemoan: the weather, the news, their colleagues, the...

Turkey Pushes Syria and Egypt Closer

Dec 18, 2019

Since the 2013 coup in Egypt, Cairo has consistently supported Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In October 2019, after Turkey launched Operation Peace Spring in northeast Syria, Egypt became more supportive of the government in Damascus.

In Egypt, the Me Too Movement Is Falling Short

Nov 18, 2019

In October 2017, Tarana Burke’s 2006 "me too" movement was revived by a simple tweet from actress Alyssa Milano. A year later, the hashtag had been tweeted over 19 million times by women around the world. There is no question that the #MeToo campaign mobilized and united women across the globe....

Sisi and Macron See Their People as Children

Feb 01, 2019

In the face of occasional violent tantrums, some leaders continue to think of their nation as one big, happy family. During a visit to Egypt on January 28, French President Emmanuel Macron fulfilled his duty as a responsible Western leader by insisting that human rights and the rule of law are...

African Leaders and Repression Seem Inseparable

Oct 31, 2018

Barring a few exceptions, the African continent is littered with despots whose insatiable thirst for power knows no decency or respect for human rights. Ugandans and indeed the international community watch on as nearly two months of tension-stoked drama gets a brief interlude with the...

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