Algeria and Morocco: Neighbors With Issues

August 05, 2021

Western Sahara: Washington’s Accidental Red Line

April 26, 2021

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has made one thing clear about the Trump administration’s approach to US foreign policy: It’s going to change. In his first month on the job, Secretary Blinken rescinded former President Donald Trump’s designation of the Houthis as a terrorist group,...

Pastoral Nomads in North Africa Consider In-Place Farming

March 03, 2021

North African pastoralism, an agricultural method used for centuries by nomadic people in the steppe highlands, is on the decline. Facing limited grazing land due to overuse and drought, pastoral nomads are favoring more sedentary farming methods like growing fruit or nut trees and...

Not All Quiet on the Western Sahara Front

November 24, 2020

On October 21, groups of Polisario Front’s supporters blocked the highway at Guergarat, in the extreme southwest of the Western Sahara. This is in the buffer zone between territory controlled by Morocco and the land claimed by the Polisario — the Popular Front for the Liberation of Saguia...

Will Morocco Normalize Relations With Israel?

September 09, 2020

Commentators from major news outlets have commented that Morocco will be among the first Arab countries to normalize relations with Israel and exchange ambassadors following the Israeli-Emirati agreement. As the former US ambassador to Morocco and having closely followed the policies and...

What the US Can Learn From Morocco

August 10, 2020

Since early June, an estimated 15 to 26 million people across the United States have participated in protests against the death of George Floyd and the persistence of systematic racism in America. Recent trends have shown that support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement — more...

Morocco Looks to a Future After COVID-19

July 29, 2020

Many countries are facing declining growth rates due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Morocco is no exception. Given lockdowns and flight restrictions implemented worldwide from March, the tourism and hospitality sectors — usually the third-largest component of GDP — have suffered enormous...

Morocco Sets Out a Post-Coronavirus Recovery Strategy

May 28, 2020

Morocco is committed to finding opportunities to restructure and redirect its economy to be better prepared for other potential calamities, such as the coronavirus pandemic. The economy is already facing a downturn due to drought, which may result in as much as a 42% decline in cereal...

Will COVID-19 Change Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia?

April 27, 2020

The novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 spread to North Africa more than two months ago. Since then, there has been speculation among observers that the effects on society, the economy and political life may be changed in both the short term with people’s habits and the long term as...

Morocco Pays a High Price for Tourism Gentrification

February 18, 2020

In today’s world, where refugee crises are exacerbated by xenophobic border policies, where the global north refuses to engage in burden sharing, where people’s freedom of movement is ruthlessly repudiated, the ability to travel is a particularly salient privilege. As Dallen Timothy and Victor...

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