The Permanent State of Emergency in Egypt

November 11, 2021

On October 25, in an unexpected move, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi chose not to extend the nationwide state of emergency that was imposed in April 2017, after the bombing of two churches in Tanta and Alexandria. The suspension of the state of emergency was hailed by...

Sisi’s Orwellian Egypt

October 04, 2021

Whose Genizah?

October 02, 2021

Egypt and Turkey: A New Axis?

July 13, 2021

Turkey’s Improved Relations With Egypt and Saudi Arabia

June 09, 2021

Turkey’s relationships with Egypt and Saudi Arabia have improved following years of friction. Esra Pakin Albayrakoglu, a professor at Bahcesehir University in Istanbul and a visiting professor at the National Defense University, discusses the dynamics influencing Ankara’s foreign policy.

The Misfits: Icebergs and Squash

October 02, 2020

Turkey Pushes Syria and Egypt Closer

December 18, 2019

Since the 2013 coup in Egypt, Cairo has consistently supported Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In October 2019, after Turkey launched Operation Peace Spring in northeast Syria, Egypt became more supportive of the government in Damascus.

Sisi and Macron See Their People as Children

February 01, 2019

In the face of occasional violent tantrums, some leaders continue to think of their nation as one big, happy family. During a visit to Egypt on January 28, French President Emmanuel Macron fulfilled his duty as a responsible Western leader by insisting that human rights and the rule of law are...

Egypt Mosque Attack Could Set Region Alight

November 28, 2017

If the Islamic State carried out the assault on an Egyptian mosque, it could be an attempt to remind its supporters around the world that the group still exists. Egypt is in mourning. On November 24, armed terrorists attacked worshippers at a mosque in North Sinai during Friday prayers. After...

This Woman Takes on Sexism in the Arab World

February 02, 2017

One woman’s quest to change attitudes to sexual harassment and violence against women in the Arab world. Feminism has got its work cut out for it when it comes to Arab countries. Virginity tests are still used in Libya, Jordan and Egypt, where a member of parliament provoked an outcry in 2016...

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