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Salvadorans Fight to Stay in the US

As protection for immigrants in the United States continues to be debated, families wait in fear, not knowing where their home may lie.

The Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a policy implemented under the Obama administration, was ordered to end by President Donald Trump in 2017. DACA once protected undocumented immigrants from deportation. These 800,000 young adults who entered the US illegally as children are now at risk of being kicked out of the country.

This move has been a source of tensions between conservatives and liberals. The former considers DACA to be an unconstitutional program that harms Americans and disrupts the economy. The latter argues that immigrants who were brought to the US as children deserve to stay in the country they have grown up in.

Without a replacement of DACA to determine the fate of the so-called “Dreamers” it once guarded, America remains divided and thousands of people wait in prison not knowing what their future will hold.

Federal judges in California attempted to put an end to this immigrant prison system by permitting detainees to seek a bail hearing after six months in jail, but on February 27, the Supreme Court rejected this ruling and sided with the Trump administration. The 5-3 decision says that immigrants who face deportation “shall be detained” while their cases are considered. This means they could be incarcerated for years before they even make it to trial.

With promises of a border-wall and aggressive rhetoric against immigrants, the Trump administration has only continued to worsen conditions for those who came to the US in search of opportunity and a place to call home.

In this video, Vox tells the struggles of a few of the 260,000 Salvadorans whose Temporary Protected Status was terminated on January 8 by the Trump administration. With no successful solution to date, they may soon be forced to leave.

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