The Arab Uprisings: An Introduction

After months of effort, we are proud to announce the publication of our first book, The Arab Uprisings: An Introduction.

At times the ground beneath our feet shakes and the world as we know it changes forever. These are such times and the Arab Uprisings will mark the start of a new era in world history. For years, Arab regimes have expropriated power and wealth from their people. In the age of the Internet, exploding populations and greater aspirations, these regimes have been increasingly incongruous. People, regardless of their race, religion, gender or culture, do not want to live in fear. They do not want a midnight knock on their door. They want basic freedoms, education for their children, decent jobs, peace and prosperity. In short, people everywhere want a life of dignity and the Arab Uprisings are the Arab people’s struggle for such a life.

The media has been saturated with stories about the Arab Uprisings. Yet, though much talked about, they are little understood. At Fair Observer, our goal is to enable you to make sense of the world and this book is our enterprise to ensure that you understand the uprisings a little better. The Arab Uprisings: An Introduction provides an accessible overview for the curious mind. Abul-Hasanat Siddique and Casper Wuite, the writers of the book, seek to explain what happened, why it happened, what is different, what may lie ahead and what can be done.

The Arab Uprisings: An Introduction is available to purchase at Amazon. A paperback version is available at the SlimBooks store.


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