Zainab Lokhandwala

Zainab Lokhandwala is a former Associate Editor (Central & South Asia) at Fair Observer. She works as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Regulatory Studies, Governance and Public Policy (CRSGPP) at the National University for Juridical Sciences (NUJS), Kolkata, India. She has completed her Bachelors from ILS Law College, Pune, India and Maters in International & Comparative Law at NUJS. At CRSGPP Zainab has worked on evaluating and framing policies for the West Bengal government in the environmental, education, administrative and labour sectors. She is interested in environmental studies, international law and diplomacy.

History in the Making: A Guide to the 2014 Indian Elections

April 05, 2014

The world's biggest electoral exercise is upon us, as India heads to the polls. Background The Indian constitution provides a term of five years for the Lok Sabha, India's lower house of parliament that is elected directly by the people. It is the equivalent of Britain’s House of Commons, after...

Nepal: The Long Road Ahead

January 05, 2014

Political and social reforms in Nepal are likely to bring initial insecurity.  Background The year 2006 marked the end of the decade-long civil war in Nepal and the abolition of the monarchy. In the April 2008 elections, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) emerged as the largest party and a federal...

Pakistan's Struggle for an Independent Judiciary

September 21, 2013

Pakistan’s judiciary has undergone an enormous transformation in its recent history.  The principle of rule of law constitutes the very basic substance of democracy. The rule of law involves the supremacy of the constitution, equality before law, and civil liberties.

It’s Time India Resolved Border Disputes With China For Good

July 02, 2013

Border disputes between India and China are eclipsing a potentially strategic partnership between the two. If history is any indication, India's failure to recognise the legitimacy of interests other than its own is a besetting flaw in its diplomacy and foreign policy. Reconciliation is the primary object of fine diplomacy...

Pakistan: Making Sense of the Challenge Ahead

June 25, 2013

Pakistan is rife with problems. But Sharif must correct the civilian-army imbalance. For the first time in its craggy political history, Pakistan has seen a democratic transition of government conducted under a civilian watch. The new prime minister of Pakistan has assumed office for the third time. But this time...