Mina Monir

Mina Monir holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Ain Shams University, Egypt. He earned an MA in Theology from the Cambridge Theological Federation. He has authored several published articles on theology and politics, and is also an expert on Egyptian affairs. Monir has worked as a political analyst and editor for several journals and magazines in Cairo and London. He is currently the King's College Overseas Trust PhD scholar.

Egypt: The October War and the War of the Republics

Egypt’s new status quo is a reaction to the very principles of the January 25 uprisings. On October 6, Egypt celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War with Israel — known to Egyptians as the October War — with an unprecedented level of popular emotional engagement and important political statements. The historical event became a vehicle for reflections... Continue Reading

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The Constitution Battle: Demythologizing Egypt

A new phase of political conflict between the Islamist-bloc and the pro-civil state bloc has been launched in Egypt. The emergence of this phase is based on the results of the battles in the street, polling stations and in political headquarters; the result will be decisive for all parties. After the constitutional referendum battle between the adherents of the Islamist and the civil state... Continue Reading

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The Holocaust Debate in Egypt

El-Baradei’s recent interview with Der Spiegel has caused heated debates among Egyptians regarding the Holocaust. Mina Monir argues that the West and Israel should prepare themselves for a new political scenario in a nation that was once the largest Western ally in the Middle East. As Egypt sinks deeper into political instability, the question over the historicity of the Holocaust was... Continue Reading

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Inevitable Clash: The Muslim Brotherhood and the Armed Forces

As the Egyptian presidential elections approach, the question of post-election scenarios is becoming a pressing issue for the observers on the scene. The vicious race, the hostility between the different Egyptian presidential candidates, and the increasing uncertainty and lack of transparency from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) regarding the electoral process, all make the... Continue Reading

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What it Means to be a Coptic Patriarch Now

The political challenges that lie ahead for the next head of Egypt’s Coptic Church. Two months from now, the Coptic Church will have a new patriarch to shepherd its flock through the social and political storms in Egypt. Becoming the new patriarch in such a sensitive political and religious situation is a task that requires the capabilities of an extraordinary person. To be the... Continue Reading

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