Expect an Uneven Rebound in MENA and Central Asia

May 20, 2021

Projections, no matter how well-grounded in analytics, are a messy business. Three years ago, COVID-19 was unheard of and then-US President Donald Trump’s politics caused uncertainty in international relations, with democracy in retreat across the world. Despite the best-informed...

Pastoral Nomads in North Africa Consider In-Place Farming

Mar 03, 2021

North African pastoralism, an agricultural method used for centuries by nomadic people in the steppe highlands, is on the decline. Facing limited grazing land due to overuse and drought, pastoral nomads are favoring more sedentary farming methods like growing fruit or nut trees and...

Reworking US Policy in the Middle East and North Africa

Oct 14, 2020

US foreign policy has shifted dramatically from just a brief 20 years ago. This is not the making of Donald Trump, Xi Jinping or Vladimir Putin. Rather, they are symptoms of forces that have been building since the post-Soviet era. With the ascendency of the US as the global superpower and the...

The Qatar Crisis Polarizes Tunisia

Jul 20, 2020

Like many Arab and African countries, Tunisia has faced pressures as a consequence of the three-year-long Gulf crisis.

Business Is Brisk in MENA Arms Trade

Mar 16, 2020

Other sectors of the world economy may be suffering but the arms industry continues to do a roaring trade, and nowhere more so than in the MENA region. In its annual report released on March 9, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), notes a dramatic increase in...

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