Is Lebanon at Risk in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

May 25, 2021

Media attention has focused on the loss of life and property in the bombardment of Gaza, the domestic skirmishes between Jewish and Arab Israelis, and Hamas’ rocket attacks on Israel. Yet there are unique implications for Palestinian communities in Lebanon, too. In Lebanon, more than 470,000...

Lebanon Hits a New Milestone

Mar 05, 2021

On March 2, the Lebanese lira (or pound) eroded even further into becoming a failed currency, if there is such a thing. From an official exchange rate of 3,900 pounds per US dollar for importers and manufacturers of essential food items, the “cost of scarce dollars hit 10,000 Lebanese pounds on...

Does Saad Hariri Really Believe He Can Save Lebanon?

Oct 23, 2020

My parents used to say, “Eat with your mouth and not your eyes.” This may be good advice for newly-minted Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri. He is clearly unable to resist trying once again to raise Lebanon from its deathbed, and this time the consequences may be more disastrous than just a...

Lebanon… in the USA

Oct 07, 2020

Finding a Cure for Lebanon’s Imperialist Hangover

Sep 17, 2020

Lebanon, as a nation, was destined for conflict since its creation in November 1943 by the French colonial power. To this day, it remains a client state with several competing foreign powers trying to exploit the country's social, political and economic systems for their benefit. The current...

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