Does Saad Hariri Really Believe He Can Save Lebanon?

Oct 23, 2020

My parents used to say, “Eat with your mouth and not your eyes.” This may be good advice for newly-minted Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri. He is clearly unable to resist trying once again to raise Lebanon from its deathbed, and this time the consequences may be more disastrous than just a...

Lebanon… in the USA

Oct 07, 2020

Finding a Cure for Lebanon’s Imperialist Hangover

Sep 17, 2020

Lebanon, as a nation, was destined for conflict since its creation in November 1943 by the French colonial power. To this day, it remains a client state with several competing foreign powers trying to exploit the country's social, political and economic systems for their benefit. The current...

Can Lebanon Overcome Its Sectarian Political Order?

Sep 09, 2020

Either the global COVID-19 pandemic or the catastrophic blast at the port of Beirut on August 4 could not have hit Lebanon at a worse time. The explosion killed nearly 200 people and displaced 300,000 residents, resulting in damage worth an estimated $15 billion. Prior to the tragedy, Lebanon was...

Beirushima: What Lebanon Needs to Survive

Aug 10, 2020

It will be a while until we know what or who triggered the explosion destroyed the Beirut port and, with it, half of the Lebanese capital, on August 4. What we know for sure is who the ultimate culprits are, and, unfortunately, none of them are included among those under house arrest or currently...

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