Understanding Racism in All Its Forms

Jun 03, 2021

Twenty years ago, Amnesty International's “Racism and the Administration of Justice” report warned that “unchecked racism can lead to tragedy on a massive scale.” Last week, as we remembered George Floyd and pondered over the meaning of his death a year ago, another aspect of unchecked...

The Case of Forced Cremations in Sri Lanka

Apr 25, 2021

From 1983 to 2009, Sri Lanka saw a bloody civil war between the majority Buddhist Sinhalese and the minority Tamils. The conflict led to invaluable losses both economically and politically. To this day, the deep socio-religious wounds have yet to heal on the island in South Asia. Since the war...

Macron Enriches French Vocabulary and Impoverishes Political Thought

Mar 03, 2021

France appears to be living through a strange transitional period that could be described as the waning of the Fifth Republic. It contains no sense of what a sixth republic might look like or why it might even be necessary. But today’s republic, with its unique electoral system, has achieved a...

Coffee: More Than a Buzz

Feb 16, 2021

Denmark’s Politics of the Foreskin

Dec 17, 2020

Religious practices, including religious clothing, ritual slaughtering and circumcision, are coming up for debate more frequently in Danish politics and the media. The issue of male circumcision has recently hit the headlines, reignited by a protest launched by a task force of health organizations...

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