The Value of EU Citizenship in a Post-Brexit World

December 17, 2021

In the 1980s, I was born having freedom of movement across Europe, when Britain was part of the European Economic Community. The concept of EU citizenship was formally established in 1993, as part of the creation of the European Union itself, under the Maastricht Treaty. Polexit: Is...

Polexit: Is Poland on the Way Out of the EU?

November 30, 2021

Recent judicial reforms in Poland have raised many questions, including whether the country may actually be on the way out of the European Union. Considering these recent developments, it might be tempting to draw a comparison with Brexit. But is Poland really following in the footsteps of...

From Merkel to Baerbock: Female Politicians Still Face Sexism in Germany

August 31, 2021

Angela Merkel has become a symbol of women's success and self-assertion in a political arena still dominated by men, both in Germany and globally. Until a few months ago, the prospect of a female successor seemed very likely. But the initial euphoria, shortly after the Green Party named Annalena...

Can Dyslexia Be an Asset?

June 04, 2021

I'm a nationally syndicated columnist, author of several books and a speaker on global business, labor and economic trends. I'm also a beneficiary, not a victim, of dyslexia, a learning disability characterized by reading, writing and decoding difficulties. Why do I say beneficiary? Read...

The Matter of Xi’s Succession

April 21, 2021

At the all-important two sessions (lianghui) meetings last month, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials adopted a new and surprisingly unambitious Five-Year Plan, reoriented the country’s technology strategy and redoubled the crackdown on democracy in Hong Kong. All of this was documented...

The Risk of a No-Deal Brexit Remains

April 09, 2021

The risk that we will wake up on May 1 to find we have a no-deal Brexit after all has not disappeared. The deadline for the ratification by the European Parliament of the trade deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom was due to be February 28. But Parliament postponed the deadline...

When Mexico Shut Down

March 22, 2021

Violence Against Women in Mexico Rises

March 09, 2021

Home is not a safe space for many women around the world and coronavirus-era quarantines and lockdowns have increased the risk of gender-based violence. In Mexico, statistics reflect this reality and women additionally face the rising risk of becoming targets amid violent drug crime and the...

The Brexit Deal Presents Opportunities for a New Partnership

February 03, 2021

It was agreed almost at the last minute: The Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) between the European Union and the United Kingdom, signed on December 30, 2020, prevented a no-deal Brexit just one day before the end of the transition period. Four and a half years after the referendum, relations...

Can India and Nepal Find a Path to Peaceful Coexistence?

January 26, 2021

When Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla arrived in Kathmandu in late November, he did something that would have seemed impossible just a few months earlier. After landing at Tribhuvan International Airport, instead of continuing to inflame rhetoric over the bitter territorial dispute...

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