What Poland’s Court Ruling Means for Europe

In an unprecedented new ruling, a decision was taken that Polish law can take supremacy over EU law. What will this mean for the future of Poland and European integration, and what can be done to prevent further escalation?

Germany Lacks Political Courage to Welcome More Afghan Refugees

October 13, 2021

Since the Taliban retook power in Afghanistan in August, debates in Germany have flared up whether the country should grant access to more Afghan refugees. In the run-up to the general election in September, German politicians faced a dilemma. How should they address this contentious issue among...

The Climate Change Transition in the Age of the Billionaire

October 08, 2021

It was supposed to be the greatest transition of modern times. Practically overnight, a dirty, inefficient and unjust system that encompassed 11 time zones was to undergo an extreme makeover. Billions of dollars were available to speed the process. A new crew of transition experts came up with the...

Taiwan Becomes a Point of Strategic Ambiguity

October 07, 2021

In early September, with the war in Afghanistan officially over and the Middle East retreating from the media’s landscape, The New York Times began preparing the American public for the next theater of war. This time it will be just off the coast of mainland China, in Taiwan. There will be no...

Congress Fights Over Childcare But Not the Military

October 07, 2021

US President Joe Biden and the Democratic Congress are facing a crisis as the popular domestic agenda they ran on in the 2020 elections is held hostage by two corporate Democratic senators: fossil-fuel consigliere Joe Manchin and payday-lender favorite Kyrsten Sinema. But the very week before the...

Turkey Prepares to Ratify the Paris Agreement

October 04, 2021

Turkey went through a terrible summer from an ecological point of view. The country has been experiencing unprecedented wildfires caused by heatwaves and droughts that have devastated forests in the southwestern part of Anatolia, while floods have been hitting the north and east. The disasters...

On the Heels of a Controversial Election, Russia Grows Increasingly Unfree

September 30, 2021

Between September 17 and 19, Russians went to the polls to elect the State Duma. The voting period was officially increased to three days and introduced electronic voting for the first time due to measures intended to contain the spread of COVID-19 currently raging across the country. Third...

In Georgia, Two Versions of National Identity Clash

September 28, 2021

July 2021 was marked as the hottest month of the year in Tbilisi, Georgia. While the temperature outside hit around 33˚C at 10 am on July 5, the day when the pro-LGBTQI+ “March of Dignity” was scheduled to take place, it was a counterprotest by conservative and radical-right actors that...

Lessons From 50 Years of Covering Foreign Policy

September 28, 2021

For over 50 years, I have been writing about foreign policy — mostly America’s but those of other nations as well. I think I have a pretty good grasp of places like Turkey, China, India, Russia and the European Union. I regret that I am less than sure-footed in Africa and Latin...

Who Will Stand Up to the US Military?

September 24, 2021

When he was trying to win the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon famously told his chief of staff that he wanted Communist leaders — in the Soviet Union, in North Vietnam — to think that the US president was a mad man, that he was capable of doing pretty much anything up to and including the use of...

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