Women in America Are Still Fighting for Equal Pay

In America, the gender wage gap continues to loom over the economy. Women in America make 22% less per hour than men. The rate of women in employment is rising and there are more female graduates than male, yet a wage gap still exists in 2018. On Equal Pay Day in the US, which took place on April 10, people marked the occasion by wearing red to work, symbolizing how women are “in the red” with their salaries, according to Michele Leber, the chair of the National Committee on Pay Equity. Tuesday was chosen to mark the day as it resembles the extra amount of time that women must work over the following week to compensate for the previous week’s wage gap. While all women are subject to economic discrimination, race and ethnicity are also factors in determining pay. Compared to the white man's dollar, white women earn $0.79 and Asian women $0.87. Minority groups battle even worse inequality, with black women earning $0.63 per every dollar that white men are paid, Native American women $0.57, and Latina women $0.54. In this video, NowThis News illustrates the work that women must do in order to make up for the wage gap in America. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Fair Observer’s editorial policy. Photo Credit: Kang Hyejin / Shutterstock.com

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