America’s Moment of National Reckoning

November 10, 2020

America has just concluded a cataclysmic Election Day and its immediate aftermath. What was supposed to be our quadrennial celebration of democratic institutions is instead a reflection of what happens when unprincipled and corrupt leaders are given access to the national stage to promote...

Women’s March Takes Trump to Town

January 23, 2017

Women's March on Washington turns into a global movement. On January 20, as Donald J. Trump was being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, it felt like you were watching a funeral. It was as if everything we had come to accept as a given, as normalcy, over the past eight years...

Inauguration Day Protests Turn Violent

January 21, 2017

Protesters against Donald Trump in Washington, DC filmed being tear-gassed by the police. On January 20, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America. Visibly less popular than Barack Obama’s historic inauguration in 2009, the ceremony still drew crowds of...

Looking Back on the Obama Years

January 11, 2017

Professor Ellis Cashmore is the author of Beyond Black: Celebrity and Race in Obama’s America. In this video, he talks about the legacy President Obama leaves behind as the country takes a step into the unknown under President Trump.

Fake News Wasn’t the Biggest Media Problem of 2016

January 08, 2017

How mainstream media created a sense of a false equivalence of two comparably inadequate candidates in the US presidential election. The phenomenon of fake news has been all over the media following the 2016 US presidential election. A lot of time has been spent debating whether stories...

Americans Need to Read Beyond the Headlines

December 05, 2016

Donald Trump is showing the next phase of this strategy: pure theater. Recently, President Barack Obama pointed out that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Grand Old Party (GOP) figured out something very important during the Obama presidency: Most Americans either don’t know or...

Can America Come Together Again?

November 15, 2016

America will come together again, but the process will not be an easy one. Social, economic and political threats as daunting as those that made headlines in the 2016 presidential campaign would almost surely have started a bloody revolution if they had crashed into the public consciousness a...


Will Donald Trump Bring Change to America?

November 13, 2016

We cannot fault the American people for believing that Donald Trump might, this time, represent a change. I spent the night of November 8 consoling my mother, increasingly befuddled as she was enraged, that things are not as bad as they may appear, with the map of the United States turning...

The United States of Trump

November 09, 2016

Americans are angry but were directed to vent their fury at Mexicans, immigrants and Muslims. The American voting public has just elected Donald Trump as the next president of the United States. Here is why it is a disaster. Trump is a serial business failure. He would be worth twice as much...

5 Things That Explain Donald Trump’s Victory

November 09, 2016

Donald Trump wins a truly historic US election.  A populist wave that began with Brexit in June reached the United States in stunning fashion on November 8. In one of the biggest upsets in American political history, Donald Trump won a truly historic victory in the US presidential...

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