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Inauguration Day Protests Turn Violent

Protesters against Donald Trump in Washington, DC filmed being tear-gassed by the police.

On January 20, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America. Visibly less popular than Barack Obama’s historic inauguration in 2009, the ceremony still drew crowds of supporters from across the country despite the gathering rain.

Following a divisive, populist campaign, President Trump enters the Oval Office with the lowest approval rating in decades.

Having ostracized major sections of American society—ethnic and religious minorities, the LGBT community, women, civil rights activists, immigrants, to name but a few—his inauguration saw an unprecedented deployment of 28,000 security personnel to counter the nearly 100 pro- and anti-Trump groups who were planning to demonstrate on the day.

Protests soon turned violent, with opposing groups clashing on the streets of Washington, DC, leading to over 200 arrests in the capital, with demonstrations breaking out in cities across the country. Reports show protesters being tear-gassed and beaten by the police.

January 21 will see the Women’s March on Washington, which is expected to attract a quarter of a million protesters. Women have been traveling to the capital, taking over entire airplanes.

With over 700 sister events in 70 countries, including Antarctica, it is gathering support among those who denounce Trump’s divisive politics and message.

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