The K-Pop Wave

April 02, 2021

Did You Say High Culture Was Dead?

December 12, 2019

When I was a was a young teen attending a German high school in southern Bavarian in the late 1960s, we were made to know how to distinguish between high and popular culture. High culture was Kafka and Thomas Mann, Beethoven and Mozart, Goethe and Berthold Brecht, Fritz Lang and Josef von...

What Do Fairy Tales Teach Our Children?

April 17, 2015

When we debate the healthiness of fairy tales and Disney movies, are we missing the point about what our children really need? A few years ago, the parents of a little girl in my class underwent an unpleasant divorce. I thought the child was handling it relatively well until I read her poem...

Sex, Misogyny and Music: What a Way to be Dehumanized

August 10, 2014

A spoken word poet on the modern-day music industry. “So I heard a song the other day / that objectified women in every way. / That doesn’t narrow it down much, but it was pretty depraved / The feminists are still probably rolling in their graves.” Thus begins the rhymes of Madiha...