Narratives About Turkish Military Interventions

September 08, 2020

Throughout 2020, Turkey has staged military operations in three Arab countries: Libya, Iraq and Syria.

The UAE Sees Turkey as a Threat

August 26, 2020

Throughout 2020, tensions between the UAE and Turkey have intensified. As Abu Dhabi sees it, the gravest dangers posed by state actors come from the Turkish-Qatari axis.

Is Turkey Playing a Role in Yemen?

August 20, 2020

Throughout 2020, media across the Middle East have been reporting on Turkey’s purported influence and alleged role in Yemen’s civil war.

Is Hagia Sophia Merely a Place of Worship?

July 21, 2020

Hagia Sophia, with a history of 1,500 years hosting different religions, will now be reconverted from a museum into a mosque. This recent shift after a Turkish court decree has sparked extensive debate internationally, and we are now seeing political maneuvers heating up fault lines that divide...

Why Making Hagia Sophia a Mosque Again Is Good News

July 14, 2020

The reaction to the decision by Turkish authorities to turn Hagia Sophia from a museum back into a mosque has been illuminating. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is accused of playing religious politics. If so, he is not alone. When Pope Francis describes himself as “pained” by the news...

The Unfolding Humanitarian Catastrophe in Idlib

March 04, 2020

On February 28, Turkey opened its borders with the European Union in the wake of the death of 34 Turkish soldiers in Syria. In response, Greece and Bulgaria stepped their border protections, insisting that they would not admit any Syrian refugees fleeing the civil war. In the meantime, the EU...

Turkey Pushes Syria and Egypt Closer

December 18, 2019

Since the 2013 coup in Egypt, Cairo has consistently supported Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In October 2019, after Turkey launched Operation Peace Spring in northeast Syria, Egypt became more supportive of the government in Damascus.

Who Are Turkey’s Long-Term Allies?

August 06, 2019

It is becoming harder and harder to ascertain who exactly are Turkey’s long-term allies. On July 26, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan threatened that Turkey would simply look elsewhere for fighter jets if frozen out of the US F-35 program, of which it has been an integral part. It came with...

Is Istanbul’s Vote the Start of a New Consensus Politics in Turkey?

July 16, 2019

Is this the beginning of the end of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, or even the end of the beginning of the end, as Al-Monitor columnist Kadri Gursel has suggested? When the previously unbeatable president pushed for a re-run of the Istanbul mayoral election that his party’s candidate,...

Election Losses Are Good News for Turkey’s Ruling AKP

April 03, 2019

While the opposition hails the beginning of the end for Turkey’s ruling party, local election setbacks might actually be a blessing in disguise. Just when you thought the ship was steadying, last weekend brought another tumultuous moment in Turkish politics. Local and mayoral elections that...

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