Lebanon… in the USA

October 07, 2020

Lebanon, Let’s Talk Trash

September 10, 2016

Sara El-Yafi talks about how everyday garbage can be transformed into useable energy for Lebanon. Let’s talk trash. Over the past year, I have been endlessly lobbying for the right solution to the waste problem to be implemented in Lebanon in my capacity as “national expert on...

The Writing is On the Wall in Beirut

January 31, 2016

Last year’s demonstrations in Beirut have not solved the garbage crisis in the Lebanese capital.  Downtown Beirut is known for its fancy shops, luxury restaurants and expensive apartments that no one can afford. This district,...

Lebanon and Islamic State Reveal Cracks in Arab World

June 16, 2015

Lebanon’s tensions demonstrate the flawed nature of nation-states in the Arab world. When states are created without the correspondence of a crystallized nation, the outcome of nationalism can be linked to community tensions and, to some extent, the development of terrorist...

Lebanon’s Health Care is Under Strain Over Syrian Crisis

April 20, 2015

Health care workers in Lebanon struggle to cope with challenges caused by the Syrian refugee crisis. With the Syrian crisis entering its fifth year, Lebanon currently hosts over 1.1 million Syrian refugees. This high intake of refugees has increased political tension but also vastly strained the...

Electing a President in Lebanon

June 22, 2014

Lebanese citizens should have the right to directly elect their president. On February 15, I published an article on my website making a case for the people of Lebanon to directly vote for our president, instead of the parliament. In the same article, I ran a poll asking my readers to vote...

Mashrou’ Leila: The Soundtrack of an Arab Generation

November 21, 2012

By Munir Atalla Mashrou’ Leila, a Lebanese band that emerged from the Beirut underground indie scene, have captured what it is like to be young in the Arab world, and understand their listeners, sometimes better than they understand themselves. “Ya Albi, (my heart), I hope this...