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Trash in Lebanon © Eliane29

Lebanon, Let’s Talk Trash

Sara El-Yafi talks about how everyday garbage can be transformed into useable energy for Lebanon.

Let’s talk trash. Over the past year, I have been endlessly lobbying for the right solution to the waste problem to be implemented in Lebanon in my capacity as “national expert on waste-to-energy,” as one minister once called me on TV.

Please! Anyone else competing for that title will be challenged to a duel on top of a mountain of trash. Come forward now or forever hold your peace (and your nose since, you know, the smells and stuff).

Famed author, physician and documentary filmmaker Pedram Shojai, known as “The Urban Monk,” heard of all these efforts and hosted me on his show to discuss my work and the Lebanese waste crisis. This happened in Los Angeles, 12,000 kilometers away from Lebanon. This media personality in LA was more interested in this clean work in Lebanon than most of the news outlets here in Beirut. No complaints. It’s an honor.

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Photo Credit: Eliane29