It’s All About Al-Aqsa

May 25, 2021

AP journalist Joseph Krauss reports that “Israeli police escorted more than 250 Jewish visitors Sunday to a flashpoint holy site in Jerusalem.” That flashpoint was the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, the scene of clashes initiated by Israeli police that earlier this month helped trigger an 11-day...

Jerusalem Is a Shared Gift

May 20, 2021

Netanyahu and Hamas Are Playing a Deadly Game

May 18, 2021

In March, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was unable to achieve a parliamentary majority in the Knesset after a fourth Israeli election in two years. As a result, he needed a national crisis to prevent the establishment of an alternative government by the opposition. Such a coalition would...

Reviewing US Foreign Policy on Israel and Palestine

April 26, 2018

The United States should reevaluate its role and potentially recuse itself from all future decisions between Israel and Palestine. Halfway through the month of May, most of us will be enjoying the warmer weather sneaking its way in past the winter. But in Israel and Palestine, May 15 will prove...

From New Orleans to Palestine: Whose House Is This?

December 30, 2017

Palestinians have asked for decades “Whose house is this?” Trump has given the green light for the occupation to take whatever of the “house” is left. “Whose house is this?” A man in a black sweater and dark jeans stood at the podium, raised both arms in the air and asked the...

History Provides Lessons for Jerusalem’s Future

July 09, 2015

In solving the Jerusalem issue, history presents obstacles and opportunities. On April 15, the Israeli Supreme Court affirmed the application of the Absentee Property Law in Occupied East Jerusalem, therefore, allowing the unlawful confiscation of property and assets in the area from their...

Chained to the Fence: Inequality in East Jerusalem

August 28, 2014

The more Israel tries to homogenize Jerusalem and harmonize its history, the more divided it becomes. On May 28, tens of thousands of Jews in Israel celebrated Jerusalem Day by...

The Everydayness of Occupation in Jerusalem

August 06, 2014

An American Jew’s take on the “eternally undivided capital.” I’ll never forget the man with the wooden rake. It was mid-afternoon on a Friday in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. A group of Israeli activists had gathered, along with local Palestinian residents, to protest the...

Jewish Settlements and the Peace Talks (Part 1/2)

May 25, 2014

In order to solve the issue of Jewish settlements, the primacy of the narrative has to be overcome. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a multi-faceted and historically protracted conflict, the origins of which can be traced back to the late 19th century. It can be argued that such a complicated...

Middle East Peace Only Gets Harder

February 11, 2014

Circumstances for reaching peace are significantly more complicated than ever. In fact, the environment today may be the worst in the entire history of the 65-year conflict, and certainly more so than the high-water mark of the 1993 Oslo Accords or even the ill-fated 2007-2008 negotiations between...

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