Reclaiming the Streets of Beirut Through Art

February 28, 2016

The Writing is On the Wall in Beirut

January 31, 2016

Last year’s demonstrations in Beirut have not solved the garbage crisis in the Lebanese capital.  Downtown Beirut is known for its fancy shops, luxury restaurants and expensive apartments that no one can afford. This district,...

A Colorful Reminder of Beirut’s Scars of War

December 30, 2015

Lebanon’s civil war ended 25 years ago, but Beirut is still scarred by traces of the 15 years of violence that engulfed the country. One look at the old Holiday Inn in Beirut reminds every visitor to the Lebanese capital that this city was a warzone. Large holes from artillery and sniper...

Beirut’s Walls Showcase Lebanon’s Dilemmas

December 01, 2014

Graffiti artists in Beirut use the city’s walls to highlight Lebanon’s social and political issues. Lebanon has undergone drastic changes in the last decades, including a bloody 15-year-long civil war and massive reconstruction...

Securing Lebanon’s Offshore Energy Fields Raises New Security Challenges

April 30, 2013

Nicholas A. Heras analyzes the challenges associated with potential resource revenues for the Lebanese state. The fault lines of a potential political conflict would further entrench pre-existing divisions.  As the...

Lebanon: What is a Car Bomb?

October 20, 2012

The memory of mass violence is never simply a memory in Lebanon, a country which has long endured sectarian strife and is now also feeling the effects of the civil war in Syria. It is surreal to wake up to news of a car bomb back home in Lebanon, now thousands of miles away. Immediately, the...